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ALDI 9th March 2014 Bike Gear

ALDI 9th March 2014 Bike Gear - Forums [Biker Match] ALDI 9th March 2014 Bike Gear - Forums [Biker Match]
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ALDI 9th March 2014 Bike Gear

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Look out for bike gear in Aldi in March

Look forward to some brilliant Specialbuy motorcycling gear in Aldi stores from the 9th March 2014, while stocks last.High-quality gear with in-built protection is the order of the day, so before you get your motor runnin’ be sure to check out what’s on offer.A good quality jacket is a must when heading out on the highway. Their Motorcycle Jacket (£69.99) will shield riders from the elements and ensure they can cruise in safety and style. Team the jacket with purpose-made Motorcycle Trousers (£49.99) to keep warm and dry from head to toe while looking for adventure out on the open road. If looking stylish on and off your mean machine is a must, Kevlar Jeans (£29.99) should be top of the shopping list. Designed to look and feel like normal jeans but with a high level of protection, bikers will be ready for whatever comes their way. Racin’ with the wind? Keep the chill off your head and neck with a great set of Motorcycle Accessories (£4.99) comprising balaclava, chest tube and neck tube. No need to worry if the skies are threatening ‘heavy metal thunder’. Aldi’s Touring Boots (£29.99) are slip resistant for pedal grip and the ultimate in comfort.Aldi’s Specialbuys Motorcycle range is in stores nationwide on the 9th March but don’t delay, as once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Lidl will probably have bike gear in around the same time too.

   Update Reply
Karey @ 30/01/2014 13:51  

oooh need new boots....hopefully they will have a small 6....don't ever do women's though which is a bit pants.

   Update Reply
rowanblossom @ 30/01/2014 13:57  

Yeh .. it's a shame, RB. I'm sure there would be plenty of lasses that would buy them if they supplied them..

Come on Aldi and Lidl..what about us lasses??

   Update Reply
Karey @ 30/01/2014 15:30  

You should drop an email to Aldi requesting women's gear. Odd though it might sound they might not have thought of it, and I'm sure they would be game for any marketing opportunities.

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 30/01/2014 18:34  

Women's gear ??? Wot , a basque and suspenders.
I wish .

   Update Reply
dustin666 @ 30/01/2014 21:49  

I have checked the Aldi site but can't see anything on offer later than Mid Feb :(

   Update Reply
bandit lover @ 30/01/2014 22:26  

Oooo @Dustin666, I can just see you in that outfit....lovely

   Update Reply
rowanblossom @ 31/01/2014 13:38  

.............with red high heels and fishnets

   Update Reply
Imola72 @ 31/01/2014 13:47  

... and knee sliders...

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 01/02/2014 08:50  

At long last, Hemel Hempstead got an Aldi in November with it only a mile or so from home. I will be able to indulge myself (and Moonstone) when the bike gear becomes available. The nearest used to be in Dunstable but the closest Lidl remains in Luton. I've now been able to take advantage of some of their 'special buys' like a George Foreman grill, spanners and an MP3 player for only £9.99. During the next week there will be a trolley jack available - just the job for doing steering head races on a bike without a centre stand.

Thanks for the heads up for March, Karey. How did you come by the advanced information? I'm on their mailing list and pick up the booklets when I shop there but at best, notifications of special buys are a week and a half away.

   Update Reply
Cataraptor @ 01/02/2014 15:53  

Hi Cat... that's good news that you're getting an Aldi, down there, My oldest brother ( a biker) used to live in Hemel and now lives in St Albans, I've been telling him about these shops for years lol.

I too am on the mailing lists and like Trish says, there's nothing about these offers on their websites yet, but I got this information from an article that Rider Magazine put on their website.

Oh and I'm sure we could wear our basques on top of our leathers.. maybe a little leather corset, as for the stilletoes...hmmmm.. maybe a nice pair of New Rocks

   Update Reply
Karey @ 02/02/2014 08:31  

Kaz...youi s very saucy ;)

   Update Reply
bandit lover @ 02/02/2014 11:41  

I don't understand what the problem is with bike boots Surely riding a bike is a "unisex" activity Boots designed for riding bikes should be compatible with "both" sexes Apart from the obvious "size" issues, (some ladies have tiny feet) Aldi & Lidl bike boots should be suitable for everyone After all, it's "riding" that's important IMHO it's not a fashion parade Do ladies need a different design boot to ride a bike But maybe I'm just an old reactionary

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 04/02/2014 10:39  

Emz.. I don't have a problem with boots, in fact I think all mine have either been men's or unisex... I definitely don't go looking for 'girly' bike boots, but as for jacckets and trousers, some of us lasses need more 'curvy' fitting gear... (me more than most )

You fellas just don't have the same curvy hips as us .. and as for the chest... well .. nuff said!

   Update Reply
Karey @ 04/02/2014 12:10  

Kaz, I'm well aware of the "garment" problems encountered by ladies At both ends of the size spectrum Which is why I confined my "observations/comments" to boots Incidentally, my "vital statistics" may be the envy of a quite a few ladies (40-28-36) But a lot of biking gear is just too big & baggy for me Them's the choices we have to put up with

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 04/02/2014 12:41  

Awww yep hun, you have the figure to die for.. if you were a female! ....

I can just see you in a nice Hein Gericke pink lady jacket and matching pink trousers... they would be snug and you could allas stuff some hot water bottles down the chest area.. heated body and stylish gear in one fowl swoop

As for the boots thing, I totally agree there shouldn't be an issue, as long as they fit and are good and sturdy, then no problem.

Although it's good to look smart and stylish, safety and comfort are foremost.

The gear Aldi and Lidl sell does tend to be of good quality, I think it's German manufacture..I just wish they would get more stuff in and in a bigger range of sizes

   Update Reply
Karey @ 04/02/2014 13:20  

Hein Gericke re branded some clothing last year from Aldi and called the range the 'essex' a colleague who works with me know at Metropolis said it was 'the least waterproof thing ever made to.'

Just a heads up, don't expect it to be good...

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 05/02/2014 20:06  

There is a design issue for ladies boots. Women's calves tend to be larger than men's, particularly in larger women. Hence their boots need smaller foot sizes and a larger calf fitting than men's boots - otherwise they would be limited to shorty boots. So ideally there should be women-specific boots.

   Update Reply
Cataraptor @ 06/02/2014 11:07  

Just seen this on Aldi website.....

no mention of Kevlar jeans though...

   Update Reply
Karey @ 28/02/2014 18:55  

Thing is, Aldi is German, and there is no way that the Germans would put up with inferer quality anything. All such gear still has to be passed health n safety wise.....just my opinion.

   Update Reply
bandit lover @ 28/02/2014 19:01  

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