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Tests are Down!!

Tests are Down!! - Forums [Biker Match] Tests are Down!! - Forums [Biker Match]
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Tests are Down!!

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Deleted Member @ 10/01/2014 21:47  

It's a shame that this is not also valid for 17 yr old car drivers as well, instead of passing the test and can then drive any car they want to!!. double standards yet again DSA.

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Deleted Member @ 10/01/2014 22:17  

Bike tests down with all the complex regulations (Thanks EU) recently introduced - well colour me amazed.

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Cataraptor @ 11/01/2014 17:51  

Yes I was not surprised either fellas...they are always coming up with new ways of trying to get us bikers off the road and/or deterring new bikers to join the fold...disgusting!!

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Deleted Member @ 12/01/2014 11:00  

1977 - restrict moped to 30Mph - numbers drop
1981 - reduce learners from 250cc to 125cc - numbers drop
1990 - Introduce CBT (In itself not a bad thing) - numbers drop
1997 - Introduce Direct Access - numbers drop
2009 - Introduce 2DLD, only made two part test by the DSA not building enough new test centres - numbers drop
2013 - introduce 3DLD (Staged Access by age) - numbers drop

makes me sad :( - I do my best to help anybody starting up riding bikes, i think if we all do we can make a difference

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tommygun22 @ 12/01/2014 16:46  

Its just gtn too complex and expensive now, biking used to be a cheap form of transport for the masses, then cheap small cars came along.....and bike numbers dwindled. Now its become a hobby pastime for most bikers but perhaps with rising fuel prices that will change?
The thing is many 'ride to work' users are not interested in anything more and the cost of having to take the tests makes it all to much hassle.
Why indeed can car drivers pass and drive anything? (HGVs and suchlike accepted). Is this not a form of discrimination?
At least you now have restrictions on towing a trailer and have to take a separate test for that. Although I have to say the average small garden refuse trailer isnt to much of a challenge for most drivers and perhaps that regulation wasnt really required.

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rossoandy21 @ 13/01/2014 09:21  

not surprising to be honest. I know a couple of teens who want to learn but just simply can't afford it. its frustrating when (having worked in rta and rta fraud), as soon as you have passed your car test you can jump in anything (and not always insured), whatever engine size. More deaths, injuries and chaos is caused by those who just don't have the experience to handle the cars they drive. Also the perception that young bikers are all fact all bikers are eejits on the road is regurgitated ad nasum.

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rowanblossom @ 20/01/2014 12:43  

Knob Heads

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Plumbski @ 14/02/2014 17:59  

Rose (BBBB) when I saw the title of this forum, I thought you meant tests were over and done with and we were going back to the old days, of riding up to the roundabout and back again dohhhhhh no such luck

I'm not surprised they're down either, they've made it so difficult for new riders to get a licence, let alone the cost... I just can't afford to do it again at the moment, but I can certainly ride a bike and have done many more miles than some people who have just passed their test... it's just so frustrating, if they brought the cost down a bit, I would've had my licence tucked away by now...

ahh well, me and the Zigster will keep plodding on...

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Karey @ 14/02/2014 22:50

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ExupRichR1 @ 15/02/2014 16:39  

Simplest way to cut insurance cost and improve driver rider standards is this.
New driver/rider 1st year £3000.00
2nd year no claims or points £2000.00
2nd year with claim or points £3000.00
3rd Year if no claims or points £1000.00
At the 4th year you just join the normal pricing system That will cut speeding give them a reason to drive/ride carefully as they will know act like a prat lose a lot of money.
After driving or riding to save you money for 4 years you have picked up the habits that will last a long time for safe driving riding also if a new driver or rider takes on more training after passing there test that should be classed as a year off there 4 year period.
But its never going to happen

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JP @ 16/02/2014 08:45  

As costs are so high, think that's extreme, we were all young ,sometimes stupid once upon a time, youth isn't a crime ,as most have to pay monthly, perhaps discounts each installment for clean slate, this along with better, more thorough driver training

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ExupRichR1 @ 17/02/2014 00:32  

Slightly off topic but along the same vein (ish) ... when I was a MAG rep I proposed a new national campaign and was laughed at (nothing new there).
The single most effective way to reduce rta's involving motorcycles and therefore reduce insurance claims and subsequent annual premium rises would be to replace all give way junctions with Stop. Give way junctions, including roundabouts, actively encourage road users to NOT stop, as you approach, you make your observations and if clear proceed.
How many times do we have to hear the "I didnt see you" excuse before people realise the problem lies with the junction, not always the user.

The motorcycle test is precisely that, just a test to show that you have attained the basic standard requirements to operate the machine safely. You cannot teach experience, that comes with time, hell I still make mistakes after 30+ years of riding, I'm human, it happens.
I meet a lot of people who claim an interest in taking their test and getting a bike, and I say the same to all, DO IT NOW, before it gets beyond the financial reach of your average wage earner.

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Deleted Member @ 24/02/2014 10:54  

Can't say I'm a fan of that idea personally, can you imagine the lost time ,revenue and just the pain in the butt stopping at every junction and roundabout,

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ExupRichR1 @ 24/02/2014 19:16  

Yeah not to mention the lives it might save .. wouldnt want that would we !

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Deleted Member @ 24/02/2014 19:28  

bring out the red flags

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ExupRichR1 @ 25/02/2014 19:49  

just ban cars!

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rossoandy21 @ 26/02/2014 08:11  

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