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Motorcycle Racing

MotoGP - Alternatives to BT Sport?

MotoGP - Alternatives to BT Sport? - Forums [Biker Match] MotoGP - Alternatives to BT Sport? - Forums [Biker Match]
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MotoGP - Alternatives to BT Sport?

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I was extremely angry when BT Sport bought the exclusive rights to MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 completely cutting out BBC and Eurosport. A subscription would be a complete waste of money since they don't have any other motor or motorcycle sport as part of their portfolio and I have no interest whatsoever in football, rugby and the rest of the sports that they broadcast.

However, I understand that coverage is available on the internet from providers in other countries so a laptop could be plugged into the back of the TV with a USB cable. I don't mind commentaries in Spanish, for example but does anyone here with any IT knowledge know how to go about getting this coverage without involving one of those web sites which 'share' everything on my computer with everyone else should I sign up to it?

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Cataraptor @ 03/01/2014 09:49  

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havfun @ 04/01/2014 20:03  

You could try the http website.

What you say is right though.

Most sport in this country consists of men wanting to play with each others ball while been watched by a bunch of knuckle-scrapers.

Funny old world.

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Steve_H @ 05/01/2014 08:35  

The response to my post has been somewhat underwhelming although I did notice that this thread had been referred to in the chat room. Thanks to Steve_H for your contribution. A track day operator on Facebook had an extensive debate on the subject so for those who do want to watch MotoGP, this is a summary of how it may be obtained:

It appears that if you have the XL package from Virgin Media, BT Sport is thrown in. I have their M+ so an upgrade would be unduly expensive for me for a load of dross just to get MotoGP.

Suggested internet connections included, and I haven't checked them out but I believe that there is a fee for the last of these. I don't mind paying a reasonable sub but I am not willing to pay for coverage of sports of no interest to me. Also suggested was a P2P site but I am not comfortable with its legality or the access it gives other users to my files. I'll post again when I have looked at these sites but if anyone else has any ideas, please post.

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Cataraptor @ 08/01/2014 17:32  

I am really disappointed that BT Sport have done this, i have Virgin "M" and it will cost me another £15 a month to get BT Sport, I only watch bike racing, not footy so its not worth it.
Hopefully there will be some way to access it on the internet :{

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mick696 @ 09/01/2014 18:32  

you can get this free if you put Live Steaming into you search engine

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Bikeabill @ 25/03/2014 02:54  

But having watched the highlights last night on itv4 I'm (again) wondering if it's worth it.
Kinda boring to say the least.

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Steve_H @ 25/03/2014 08:09  

try a raspberry pi linked to the net can get free films and sport I believe but don't know any details of what exactly is available

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Jaffa @ 10/04/2014 01:12  

You need to install a media center called XBMC. originally called xbox media center. this can be downloaded from once installed, you'll need an add-on called mash up. this will allow you to stream all sorts of stuff incuding films and sky and bt sport.

there is a video on you tube showing how you install mash up onto xbmc.

quality can change and a few stream links don't work but stick with it.

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bluesbiker @ 10/04/2014 20:42  

Thanks To bluesbiker aka Squashys intrepidness i followed his advice and now i too have live GP wahooooooo and films and loads of other stuff

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Brummie Jackie @ 11/04/2014 09:52  

i agree with Cataraptor its anoying

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suzuki Rob @ 25/04/2014 23:01  

I just download it via torrent later on the same day.

Personally I can not stand the annoying commentators for BT Sport, Keith Huewen just drives me bloody insane, the only time his commentating is worth listening to is when his mouth is in neutral!

Melanie Sykes???? Christ on a bike! OK good looking girl but seriously...MOTOGP????

I like Neil Hodgson and James Toseland is sound too, but for me the combo of Steve Parrish and Charlie Cox was a commentators marriage of bliss.

BT Sport pure fail.

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freewheeler1973 @ 18/05/2014 20:04  

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