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Technical Motorbike Help

Puncture repair kits?

Puncture repair kits? - Forums [Biker Match] Puncture repair kits? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Puncture repair kits?

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Any good? Any recommendations?
Anyone successfully plugged a bike tyre at the side of the road?

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Eiron @ 18/12/2013 16:15  

I keep one in my topbox,on the basis that if I've got one I won't need it!

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Sprint900 @ 18/12/2013 16:55  

Not used one "personally" But I've been present a couple of times when they've been successfully employed Having witnessed these repairs, I too have one now Which I carry everywhere Recommended

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Emzed @ 18/12/2013 17:09  

Yip, they work fine, bit of practice may be needed so dnt panic if first attempt doesnt work correctly. We tlkn tubeless tyres?

An aorosol will often get you home but can be messy and can react with the liner of the tyre making a proper repair later impossible. Those little capsules of air are good to carry over and above those in any kit. Will enable you to get the tyre up to pressure .

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rossoandy21 @ 18/12/2013 22:15  

the RAC man plugged my tire with one of those square loop plugs, pumped the tire up and I made my way home got with in 50yrds of home before it went down again (40miles from being fixed).

If I get a kit it will be the mushroom shaped plugs so it won't come out .

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Deleted Member @ 26/12/2013 21:45  

I have used the kit type with the square plugs and it worked great lasted till the tyre needed changing 2000 odd miles later worth carrying under your seat

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JP @ 27/12/2013 12:44  

I suggest getting a good roadside assistance policy......carol nash does an excellent one included in your premium with euro assistance takes the stress out of being by the roadside stuck and thinking will this plug work?

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agnostini @ 28/12/2013 12:53  

Trouble with Roadside assistance on tyres is they just take you to a tyre dealer and you pay over the top for new rubber or a repair along with a very long delay.

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JP @ 28/12/2013 15:57  

I use the stop and go mushroom plug kits. Repaired have been known to last me 5000 miles.

When I was despatching it wasn't uncommon to get more than one a day very good kit.

You can also get a per infant repair done with these as well as they don't use glue. Unlike the crap that the aa and rac use

About £30 a kit

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Deleted Member @ 10/01/2014 10:59  

Theres a type of plug I've used (bought them on ebay) called or at least known as dog turds! work really well and cheap to buy! if you get them carry a sharp blade because they are real tough to cut. Another trick used is to carry an assortment of different sizes of self tapping screws and use them as a get you home fix! I even did a track day at Spa with a screw in! never came out even at over 160mph a well known tyre seller in my area confirmed he also would carry a screw or two for that purpose in france the bike shops think an externally inserted plug is a pemanent repair but in Germany they only want to sell you a new tyre

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cyclemania @ 13/01/2014 00:07  

Self tapper and innertube repair glue works realy well.

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Deleted Member @ 17/01/2014 09:41  

I repaired a really bad puncture (turned out to be a piece of glass almost 1cm square) at the roadside with a kit - cover the rebber bung in glue, push it in and cut excess off. Used all the CO2 cartridges to inflate the tyre, took it to a petrol station air pump to do the rest.

It got to me to work, and home again, but next day tyre had lost half pressure, so off to get a new tyre - still held good for the ride up to Crieff though

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Deleted Member @ 18/01/2014 20:01  

Dog turd? Ah that will be what we call cat shit round here.
Regardless of terminology this is the type kit I carry under the seat.
I've also used the squirty foam type stuff as a quick fix to get going, though no-one will want to repair the tyre afterwards (so you leave it in for the next 1000 miles but that's another story).

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 19/01/2014 11:32  

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