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web master wanted

web master wanted - Forums [Biker Match] web master wanted - Forums [Biker Match]
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web master wanted

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I am looking to set up a web site and need someone with the know how and software to do it. don't worry matt its not a match site. I am an artist and want to set up a site to show my work. I know how I want it to look just don't know how to go about it. all I have is a domain name and that's it. so if you have the know how, also if anyone knows of a good hosting company, let me know please. dear mods, if this post breaks any rules please remove it , (well you would anyway, but I would not feel hurt if you needed to)

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myotherworld @ 31/10/2013 19:32  

Have a word with Ken BJs other half think he know about that stuff

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JP @ 31/10/2013 20:38  

thanks jp will do

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myotherworld @ 31/10/2013 20:40  

ok this may sound dumb but whats ken's user name? so I can contact him :)

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myotherworld @ 01/11/2013 15:11  

Scorpio54 lol aka Mr Ken :)

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Brummie Jackie @ 01/11/2013 17:54  

thanks Jackie

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myotherworld @ 01/11/2013 20:21  


Unfortunately for you, the programs that I wrote were based on company financials & management so have never built a web site in my life.

There are, however a plethora of hosting companies that provide complete packages which include "easy to use software" and "themes" that allow you to build your own site and host server space etc.

If you google web site hosting, you'll find a top 10 review that may help you decide who to go with. The "No 1" looks as good as any LOL.

PM me if you want to.


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Scorpio54 @ 02/11/2013 11:17  

Wish you all the best with this project MOW. Looking forward to seeing your work.

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SlowGoose @ 02/11/2013 23:34  

if you want to try yourself, you could have a look at which has a very easy to use online website builder - might be suitable for you as it starts with a blank page rather than fixed template structure and includes 'gallery' options for pictures, etc. a big plus with the website builder is that it automatically creates a mobile friendly version as well for both ios and android weebly is free to use until you want to attach your own domain name which give you option to try out first - upgrade to include specific domain is circa $4 per month so not much different to uk hosting.

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Deleted Member @ 03/11/2013 00:48  

Hi mow
I'm thinking of starting a site for astronomy and looked at hostpapa, lots of tools, unlimited space and 55% discount for the next 16 hours £1.95 per month, hope this helps. wr

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windrider @ 03/11/2013 07:55  

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