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Biker night's

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Biker night's

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biker nights every mon n wed at mfn

went there last night was brill loads of bikers there.... plus they have live bands on to and its free woohooooo

go n check it out...........

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RC @ 13/09/2007 06:31  

now RC, if ever theres a reason to stay on this site bird its you! looks fantastic, just need a bike to go on... lol, offers on a postcard anyone?? x

   Update Reply
lula @ 13/09/2007 07:43  

awwwwwwwwww thanks lula ....see i have me uses pmsl

   Update Reply
RC @ 13/09/2007 07:44  

you do sis...just scratchin me 'ead tryin to think of one.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 13/09/2007 08:40  

Wanna buy a moped Lula? I could do you a great deal. ROFL

   Update Reply
rubecula @ 13/09/2007 09:37  

hmmmm, cheeky, do i look like i'd get on a moped? lol

   Update Reply
lula @ 13/09/2007 10:19  

hmmmm u just wait bro....u just wait!!!!!!!!

   Update Reply
RC @ 13/09/2007 12:54  

just bringin this one bk to the its a good nite out

   Update Reply
RC @ 16/09/2007 19:05  

 Posts: 8       Pages: 1/1

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