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in desperation i write this and dont really expect an answer never mind a yes. Havent had much luck as most of you know this year so far, losing my knee, now just losing my dad. To the point, im holding my snowdonia bike camp next week, but, as the stuff has gone, i havent had time or inclination to get my triumph on road so, humbly just seeing if anyone has an old unused bike sitting at home that needs a bit of exercise for duration of my camp that i could beg, steal, borrow or hire??
I know im cheeky but desperate people do desperate things.

If anyone has one please pm me, thanks

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wenders @ 20/06/2013 20:29  

hey hunny how you doin? well if it was in three weeks you could have borrowed either rosie strumpet or the vtr that im getting but i dont get the vtr for about three/four weeks wish could help ((((((big hugs))))))) xx

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zzrbabe42 @ 21/06/2013 06:59  

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