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Just had a quick look at photo's and noticed your date of birth on the endoscope piccy, one and a half years old? you shouldnt have been out on that bike without stabilizers.............naughty girl! lol

Again, get well soon.

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Deleted Member @ 01/02/2013 01:22  

oooow just had a look at your pics... amazing how messy things can get from a little tumble eh ?! hope they've sorted your bits out now, and you're up n about soon

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Deleted Member @ 01/02/2013 04:24  

Hi Wendy , I ain't been on the site for a while , just read this today.
Pleased to hear you're on the mend and delighted to hear you've got a lawyer.
I see a shiny new bike in your future .
Dusty x
p.s. Scars on bikers are sexy xx

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dustin666 @ 03/02/2013 18:15  

Hi Wenders you get well soon quicker you back on bike the better .

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colin675 @ 03/02/2013 20:19  

Thanks all mwah lurvs ya xxxxx

Hey ho life goes on and since im on my own again as of today, im gonna make most of it wooooohoooooooooooooooo

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wenders @ 04/02/2013 21:24  

Go girl! :) x

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Nowgotabike @ 05/02/2013 16:56  

Pay no heed to ngb, Wends - u stay girl!...

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XKLYBR @ 05/02/2013 18:39  

As those of you who know me will know i dont ever ask much for myself, dont mind asking for others but, for myself its a no no, that is until now.......Please say an extra little prayer for me today, tomorrow whenever or send me good vibes, Im off to stoke hospital in the morning for surgery now on BOTH knees!! Its the first time they will be operating on my left knee but it will be the fourth time they are operating on my right and yet again it is to try and save my right leg!!! I know Im Wenders the obnoxious tough hard gobby one but hey, im afraid!!! Thanks all XXXXXXXXX

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wenders @ 26/02/2013 20:55  

Thoughts are with you wenders, I'd pray also if I believed in god. Really do hope everything goes well this time, and you don't have to suffer any more surgery after tomorrow.

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Deleted Member @ 26/02/2013 21:12  

Bloody hell Wenders... you brought a lump to my throat!!

I DO believe in the power of prayer and positive thoughts, so those are what I'm concentrating on for you... stay positive yourself... the NHS is STILL the best in the world in my mind.

I'm sure that everything will be OK and you will be up and shaking your Bootie in no time at all!!

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Harley_Rider @ 26/02/2013 21:53  

wishing you loads of strenght and body healing recovery wenders... i hope you have got peeps who will be there with you in hospital chick to give ya love and support and keep the docs in order and try to get plenty rest this time around.... let yourself heal xxxxx

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xSuzix @ 26/02/2013 21:54  

Thanks all, Suzic sadly nope hun, my dad too ill to travel so far and my kids dont drive, but ill be fine xxxx

   Update Reply
wenders @ 26/02/2013 22:17  

hmmm think we may need to arrange a hospital visit then... have you got peeps mobile number on here? how long are you due to be in hospital and which one is it? stoke on trent one? xx

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xSuzix @ 26/02/2013 22:28  

Hey Suzix,
Slight change of plan, went stoke today and saw surgeons, i am going to be admitted to shrewsbury hospital tomorrow morning 9am (Thursday). I dont know yet how long, they are going to operate on a sinus that has developed in my left knee, was told today, it could be right into my knee joint and they might have to take a lot of my knee away, at least i'll have matching pair :(( If that is going to be the case i will be in a while and then transferred to stoke on trent university hospital for another skin graft!!! Gawd so sick of this.
You are such a darlin Suz, and hope head is better??? Hehe xxxxxx

   Update Reply
wenders @ 27/02/2013 19:23  

heeheehee my head has about recovered now wenders!!! gawd ive been at rallies and drank a lot more than sat night .... but and the bigt buttt is that i had plenty of food too and on saturday i ddint!!! lesson to self........ eat, drink , eat and eat more hahahaha i was at stoke on trent years ago after a car crash where the transit van behind me didnt stop and i was last in the queue of stationary traffic!! well got all me bits crossed for ya chick.. it's suprising what htey can do with knees these days as in add bits in that have gone missing.... tho i know that dont help with how ya probably feelin right now... its awful chick.... if you can keep in touch with us lot while you are in then do sooo i hope you have a mate or someone who can come see ya when you come around after operation chick....., if not we are there with you in spirit xxxx... if you can let us know if you go over to stoke on trent as that aint too far from notts chick... hugs and hey... there may be a few decent lookin male nurses or surgeons around if ya lucky for ya bed bath.... pmsl ... hugs and strength

   Update Reply
xSuzix @ 27/02/2013 19:32  

Will be keeping fingers crossed for you too !

   Update Reply
RickM @ 27/02/2013 19:47  

sending you big ((((((((((hugz))))))))))))
you take care and get well soon hun am thinkin of you and keeping everything crossed for you.keep your chin up things will get better xxxxxxxxxxx

   Update Reply
zzrbabe42 @ 27/02/2013 20:25  

i was admitted into shrewsbury this morning in trauma care!!! Had x ray of left knee and there is a foreign body (gravel) in there, actually in my knee bone which they tell me is not good. Im due for theatre tomorrow afternoon if a more serious case doesnt come in otherwise will be weekend theatre. They also did a scan of my right leg and i do have a blood clot in the calf area, well, suppose better to get it sorted.

Thanks for all the well wishes xxx

   Update Reply
wenders @ 28/02/2013 21:57  

yeah much better to get it sorted chck and then you can start to mend
sending you mucho strenght and healing chick xxx wont be overnight healing bt least this will sort it

   Update Reply
xSuzix @ 28/02/2013 22:14  

Grrrrrrrrrrr not going to theatre today now, surgeons want ultra sounds doing to see whats in there first so no surprises......Think they just being cautious with me after all thats happened, even got a private room!!!!!!

   Update Reply
wenders @ 01/03/2013 11:56  

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