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General Chat/Anything Goes

what mood are you in ?

what mood are you in ? (189) - Forums [Biker Match] what mood are you in ? (189) - Forums [Biker Match]
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what mood are you in ?

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My toast is butter side up,Linds,things can only get better..:)>

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jinx57 @ 20/06/2021 10:33  

Happier than i was 24 hours ago..;)>

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jinx57 @ 28/06/2021 10:56  


   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 03/07/2021 21:01  

.... Don't know......

   Update Reply
TheSlasher @ 04/07/2021 20:17  

Quivering with anticipation,lol...

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 05/07/2021 09:23  


   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 05/07/2021 21:17  

Reflective,Sombre,Mildly Morbid...take your pick..:/

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 21/07/2021 11:34  

Chilled. Had a good day cleaning Danny's car while he fettled with the FJR, then quick sprint to top up BBQ supplies and got summoned to J&S but there was a queue, so 'summoners' left and we had our BBQ. Went back to J&S before they closed and Danny bought us summer helmets and continued fettling by fitting spare comms fittings on them.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 25/07/2021 21:09  

Today has definitely been a comme ci, comme ça kinda day.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 04/08/2021 22:20  

Happy as Larry, camping in Cornwall, slightly pissed on Rattler cider staring at the stars.
Why can't every day be like this.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 04/08/2021 23:19  

Holiday 🏄‍♀️🏊‍♀️🛌👫☀️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🍾

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 22/08/2021 17:15  

Reflective after an old friend's funeral,ditto on the potential friendship side of things...:/>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 22/08/2021 17:38  

Relieved,another bullet dodged,methinks,.😞

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 23/08/2021 06:45  

Très bon,merci..👍😁🤗

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 02/09/2021 13:44  

Hacked off with work, it's doing ma heid in.
Thank goodness it's now wine o'clock!

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 02/09/2021 18:31  

I think AAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH just about sums it up

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 03/09/2021 13:30  


   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 03/09/2021 21:50  

It's not been a good day, almost glad that it's back to work tomorrow.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 05/09/2021 19:25  

Happy, happy, happy! Happy happy joy joy dance may be occurring shortly. 😁😃👍🏻

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 08/10/2021 17:53  


Happy, happy, happy! Happy happy joy joy dance may be occurring shortly. 😁😃👍🏻...

Delighted to hear it Linz, whatever the reason.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 09/10/2021 12:38  

 Posts: 3,781       Pages: 189/190

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