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BM Website Issues/Help Requests

Double downtime, 22nd Oct

Double downtime, 22nd Oct - Forums [Biker Match] Double downtime, 22nd Oct - Forums [Biker Match]
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Double downtime, 22nd Oct

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Sorry everyone about the downtime today (twice).

Basically the server crashed while on the backup server. It corrupted the database. Normally this would be fine, but before I had chance to restore the database it started making a backup (replacing my good backup DB copy!).

To prevent this in future I have ensured the DB is scanned for errors before backing itself up. Also I reduced memory allowance on the backup server (VM) to prevent it crashing again (was out of memory).

For any non-geeks who don't understand that, don't worry

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Matt @ 23/10/2012 01:44  

You look very handsome today Boss Man

(cant say anything else as i am not a geek lol)

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Brummie Jackie @ 23/10/2012 14:42  

I reduced memory allowance aswell Matt

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JP @ 23/10/2012 21:09  

what's memory ???

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anneka56 @ 24/10/2012 00:56  

i aint worrying Matt, just shutdown after you said DB (geek talk)

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sherry @ 24/10/2012 12:24  

Sherry I keep saying your a geek with these computer thingy's. I aint got any idea what he is talking about either.

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Timeout @ 24/10/2012 18:03  

memory!!! what was the question?

   Update Reply
Simon66 @ 26/10/2012 04:35  

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