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Technical Motorbike Help

motorcycle headlight bulbs or car bulbs

motorcycle headlight bulbs or car bulbs - Forums [Biker Match] motorcycle headlight bulbs or car bulbs - Forums [Biker Match]
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motorcycle headlight bulbs or car bulbs

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i was in halfords today to get a new headlight bulb (h4) for the xj and noticed that some car headlight bulbs were buy one get one free, but the motorcycle ones weren't, but were the same price, same part number, slightly different box and in a different aisle in the shop. so i checked on t'internet and everywhere said there was no difference between car and motorcycle bulbs. so i got the car one, along with my one free. the shop assistant noticed my hat and asked if the bulbs were for a bike, yes i said, oh, these are no good he says. motorcycle bulbs are made to withstand more vibration than car bulbs. i pointed out they had the same part number and were the same price, implying to me they were the same but he assured me they wouldn't last. anyway with one free even if they last half as long each i've lost nothing, but it has me wondering. thirty years experience and a cynical view of marketing tells me he was attempting to mislead me, but was he?
and it case anyone didn't notice, some car headlamp bulbs are buy one get one free at halfords, look on their website and get them for yer cage (oh how american) at least .

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xj @ 15/09/2012 23:53  

It's bollox like this that gives the motor trade a bad name. Halford should be ashamed of themselves.

   Update Reply
Wills @ 16/09/2012 09:30  

Well spotted xj and well said Wills lol

   Update Reply
JP @ 16/09/2012 18:50  

not a good place to shop there is a shop in bristol sells super white 55 60 for a £1 each been in my bikes for 12 mounths !!

   Update Reply
christof @ 16/09/2012 20:53  

MOST bikes nowadays have no more vibration than any tin can on roads anyway,as Wills said tis all bollox!

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Deleted Member @ 17/09/2012 16:16  

Hi, apart from specialist bulbs there is absolutely no difference I can recall between a newish bike and car bulb. Some of the older (70 & 80s) bikes had more durable bulbs for vibration but these were upgraded car bulbs (eg from a higher spec car) I run bi-xenon kit in mine and both bulbs (for cars) have run for 2 years and still going. Thats it no more halfords for me (I prefer to support my local shop) Rich

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Deleted Member @ 17/10/2012 00:01  

I can't remember ever using a 'bike' lamp(bulbs are what you grow flowers from, my old training Petty Officer used to say), in my bike as a replacement ever. always use a normal car lamp.
As for the buy one get one free, maybe cus cars tend to have 2 front head lights :-)
Mind you years ago didn't most bikes use 6v electrics, now I'm going back abit lol.

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SPESH @ 17/10/2012 20:13  

So, can we assume Stells is an old school 6 volter?

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 17/10/2012 20:24  


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Holmfirthgirl @ 18/10/2012 19:49  

I've always brought my bulbs from a car spares shop, never had any problems.

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Bluey1450 @ 02/11/2012 20:26  

You can't make a bulb vib proof load of crap lmao

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Deleted Member @ 24/12/2012 16:57  

Who let XK out?
And without first ensuring he had taken his medication?

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 24/12/2012 22:31  

Also been given the same bollocks from staff at Halfords. We use the *car* ones if we need a Halfords but prefer to buy online as usually cheaper still.

   Update Reply
Roachy @ 24/12/2012 22:47  

Well it's good to see so many folks refusing to believe the B******T Nice to see you back too Rach I can endorse the "online" option I've bought quite a few bulbs on "tinterweb" And I've always been satisfied with my purchases

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 25/12/2012 20:26  

A kid in a shop "thinks he knows why" so makes the leap to I do know why and imparts his vast knowledge upon the general public...........

He's bulling you, car and bike lamps (or bulbs) are interchangeable unless there just is a dissimilar fitting at the end of that lamp, (some speedo binnical lamps are not available from anywhere else other than manufacturer), I tend to buy off the web now too. Funny that eh MZ?

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Hull750Rider @ 29/12/2012 00:24  


For the Pan I had to replace the headlight connector as it had melted due to a wiring fault and using those 'orrible stoopid bright bulbs anyway...

Was told to replace connector with a car part as it was the same, and therefore I used car bulbs too. On the BMW its car bulbs all the way. Cheaper and never been a problem. A bulb is a bulb IMO.

I laugh at halfords trying to sell me bike oil too. For the amount I go through oil is oil and they can shove it if they think they are going to sell me bits for extra money simply because it has the word "motorbike" printed on it. The Pan never missed a beat with car oil and the bulbs last just as long as in a van.

   Update Reply
MjN @ 29/12/2012 00:48  

Ahh now oil is not just oil anymore, some bike clutches will just slip all day long if you do not use bike specific oil :o(

   Update Reply
Hull750Rider @ 29/12/2012 01:32  

Not that i want to hijack this thread bit - Must've been lucky me then coz Bigbird never missed a beat! The BMW now that's a different story....bloody v twin oil. Grrr. :/

Just to cone back on topic- Wouldn't recommend those ultra bright lights though.

   Update Reply
MjN @ 29/12/2012 02:58  

They're not known as halfrauds for nothing ;) On the oil point, you must have been lucky and got oil without any friction modifiers in it.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 29/12/2012 05:29  

Well the guys at work but said get the cheapest. (I'll have to blame them, they said it!!) all the numbers matched :D, they said it would be fine and the bike didn't die, but then it is a Honda...;)

   Update Reply
MjN @ 29/12/2012 10:21  

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