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General Chat/Anything Goes

Ellie & Reds Chilled Weekend - Norwich 17/08

Ellie & Reds Chilled Weekend - Norwich 17/08 (3) - Forums [Biker Match] Ellie & Reds Chilled Weekend - Norwich 17/08 (3) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Ellie & Reds Chilled Weekend - Norwich 17/08

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Always one and it had to be Old Red

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Deleted Member @ 13/08/2012 18:33  

Cnc6000, don,t listen or pay any mind to these old reprobates - all you need to do is to join up to the new exciting Squadron being formed by Squadron Leader Grant.

We are currently recruiting for a mission over northern Europe, and as we are "new age" flyers, women pilots are welcome!

This will be all the initiation you need, that and of course the unfeasible amount of high octane alcohol that must be consumed to prove that we still rule the world!

First test will be aircraft identification - can you tell the difference between a Fokker and an aeroplane?

Pip, pip.

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tri885 @ 13/08/2012 20:20  

Big red are you gonna show me how it's done as you said yourself everybody has to do it lol.........................................................tri885 yes I'll join I've seen enough fokkers to tell the difference.

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cnc6000 @ 13/08/2012 21:46  

Splendid! Time for a roll call. Squadron leader Sprint 56 - callsign - "Sparky" Flight Lt. Tri885 - callsign "Percy" Flight Lt. Foto - callsign "Porky" Flight Lt. Elliemay - callsign "Cameltoe" That should give Johnny Foreigner something to think about, by jove!

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tri885 @ 13/08/2012 22:17  

skivvey mad mic repoting in sir

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Jack Jones @ 13/08/2012 22:31  

Someone forgetting flying officer Red!! callsign "oitwat" Tally-ho chaps & chapesses...Bandits at 3-o'clock.. cnc6000 Love the BIG Red(you been listening to the rumour I started?) Not sure about showing you how it's done hun, already took my turn! Besides Piotr may not be too happy-he's the 7 foot pole to which I refer-plays basketball for Warsaw Warriors.. New members to the squadron what- ho.. mad mic call sign "ratty" cnc6000 call sign "big top"

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old red @ 14/08/2012 11:48  

New addition to the Squadron, straight from the catering corps, Simple1

Callsign - Knobrot.

I can see a trip to the T-Shirt printers, in the not too distant future!!!

   Update Reply
tri885 @ 14/08/2012 15:39  

Mission control Flight Lt. Elliemay - callsign "Cameltoe" to Flight Lt. Tri885 - callsign "Percy" If you think I'm walking around with Cameltoe on my T-Shirt!?! Forget it!!!!

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Deleted Member @ 14/08/2012 20:07  

Lmho Elliemay, that really was class "cameltoe on a t.shirt" giggling like mad here ....
Have a fab time folks ...

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Deleted Member @ 14/08/2012 21:38  

C.T.C they should read Jen...Camel Toe Commandos....That's us..

   Update Reply
old red @ 14/08/2012 23:04  

Oh lmho at you now Red, a pair of comics for sure , giggles again...

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Deleted Member @ 14/08/2012 23:27  

hi is anyone going up on sunday as thats the only day im free and would be good to ride up with someone . will be good to meet up with other BMers

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aim 2 ride @ 14/08/2012 23:30  

No-one due on Sun all arriving Fri or Sat, if you can get over Sun a.m we will be doing a brekkie run 10ish and may be doing the coast road again Cromer/Wells direction..

   Update Reply
old red @ 14/08/2012 23:36  

It's so refreshing to see that there's life in the Fens Even if it's Wildlife Keep it it up folks You make me smile Gonna have to make it down there sometime Even if it's just for a famous brekkie run You're all madder than I thought I was

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Emzed @ 14/08/2012 23:48  

ok thanks ,i better get up early then lol . can you PM me the address please , and look forward to meeting you all sunday

   Update Reply
aim 2 ride @ 14/08/2012 23:49  

aim 2 ride, pm's with address will be sent tonight be good to meet up with you Anyone else like to come over and meet us before the KISS rally? You'd be made more than welcome

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 15/08/2012 18:19  

It's so refreshing to see that there's life in the Fens old red - life? - hahahaha

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 15/08/2012 19:44  

Emzed said 'life in the Fens' not life in old red....
For a moment I thought you were posting to say you were heading over here...Phew! See you at K.I.S.S dad...

   Update Reply
old red @ 15/08/2012 19:57  

ha ha, have a good one peeps. but watch out those east angulars are a wierd bunch.

   Update Reply
xj @ 16/08/2012 00:32  

It really is all down to Marie's cooking skills. Completely calorie free!!

On Saturday she will be preparing "Tickled Sweetbreads" "Turd in the hole", and hopes to round it off with her famous "Sticky Tena Pudding"

Mmmmm, can't wait!

   Update Reply
tri885 @ 16/08/2012 07:49  

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