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cbr1100 paint

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cbr1100 paint

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Hi I have a 1997 and a 2000 blackbird, both black. does anybody know if it is the same black as i have some for the 97 and need some for the 2000. Also alli cans pitted is there a carbon sleeve that i can wrap around them. Thanks

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Sweeny Todd @ 12/07/2012 22:50  

Have you tried a search on line Sweeny ? Maybe a forum for Blackbird owners/riders ? There will be database somewhere with all the Honda paint codes Failing that try your local (ish) bike oriented paint shop who may just have access to the database After all, they're going to need it for insurance resprays Best of luck mate, and I hope you are getting back to somewhere near normal after your recent flood

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Emzed @ 13/07/2012 14:03  

Hiya Sweeny

Paint code for the blackbird is under the seat on right hand side of the frame.

As for the sleeve for your exhaust, all i can say is look on ebay or search engine.

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PaulXXX @ 13/07/2012 15:32  

thanks guys for the info i will check it out

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Sweeny Todd @ 13/07/2012 20:49  

I used this site for getting a code for a respray and it was spot on.

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gixergal @ 16/07/2012 20:04  

thanks for that i will give it a look, I did look at one company and it appears to be diffrent paint name, but they were 4 times more expensive. many thanks

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Sweeny Todd @ 16/07/2012 20:22  

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