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BM 2012 Fund Raising - Prostate Cancer UK

BM 2012 Fund Raising - Prostate Cancer UK - Forums [Biker Match] BM 2012 Fund Raising - Prostate Cancer UK - Forums [Biker Match]
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BM 2012 Fund Raising - Prostate Cancer UK

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Hi all, Firstly hope you are all enjoying the site and won't mind us asking you a big favour. After last year's successful fund raising we are hoping to do it again this year. Our aim is to reach £1000 and spread awareness at the same time for Prostate Cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK. Over 40,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer ever year. 250,000 men are currently living with the disease. We all know somebody who has been affected by Cancer and this is our chance to help in a small way. Statistics also show men who ride motorbikes are a higher risk. All we ask of you, if possible, could you go to and donate just £2 (min allowed to donate via this way) to help make more folk aware and help when its needed. Oh yes and if we reach the target figure, there will be 'Special Cabaret' on the Saturday night of the KISS Rally, not to be missed!!! -Biker Match Staff

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Matt @ 05/07/2012 22:14  

As one the "higher risk" people suseptible to this desease And as a gesture of gratitude for my upgrade (thanks Matt) I'm going to start the ball rolling by donating the £10 I would have spent on BM subs Come on folks You know it's all for a VERY worthy cause And I can't wait to see the "Cabaret"

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Emzed @ 05/07/2012 22:23  

Thanks Jackie for organising all this again!!

   Update Reply
Matt @ 05/07/2012 22:23  

Just tried to donate Matt but nothing highlights enabling me to do so...

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Deleted Member @ 05/07/2012 22:24  

Pleasure is all mine Boss Man Cheers Emzed All i am going to say about the 'Special Cabaret' is you really do need a camera and a tissue !!!

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 05/07/2012 22:26  

Jen click on the link in the first post, will take you straight to the BM page :)

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 05/07/2012 22:27  

Sorted it and donated ...x

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 05/07/2012 22:33  

Thanks Jackie.... x

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 05/07/2012 22:38  

mumbles and grumbles still can't believe you have done this weekend the same as Stormin'

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anneka56 @ 05/07/2012 23:20  

thats £10 well spent very worthy cause , so come on folks every little helps

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aim 2 ride @ 05/07/2012 23:33  

Worth every penny spent!!!

My dad had his 1 yr all clear from prostate cancer just after January this year. He was lucky as they caught it quite early on, but it was still a very, very difficult time for the family, especially my mum.

Massive amounts of healing karma and love to all those who may be going through this git of an illness right now!!!!

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Annie C @ 06/07/2012 00:10  

Of course! This is a worthy and under publicised cause. Count me in> I'll try to make it to KISS, although I can't say for sure until I return from France. If I'm up to it, I'l be there.

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pistonbroke72 @ 06/07/2012 00:27  


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pistonbroke72 @ 06/07/2012 00:34  

Piston you will be there lol or i will kiss you lots next time i see you !!!!!

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Brummie Jackie @ 06/07/2012 09:21  

Blimey £147 already, you guys are awesome

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Brummie Jackie @ 06/07/2012 14:34  

We need to put a "0" on the end of that Jax I'm sure we can But well done so far Less than 24 hours that's a good start

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Emzed @ 06/07/2012 14:40  


I have faith we'll reach target :)

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Brummie Jackie @ 06/07/2012 14:43  

Ive donated a small amount, its easy to do and makes a difference!

We all have a loved one, dad, brother or friend who rides and as they are in a higher risk category - let's do it for them! Make it your good deed for the weekend!!!

Shaz xxx

   Update Reply
shazproud @ 06/07/2012 14:47  

Just donated ! - we've got to look after our loved ones -
In whatever way we can.

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Deleted Member @ 06/07/2012 15:00  

21% already

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 06/07/2012 21:03  

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