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MAG Protests...What's your view?

MAG Protests...What's your view? - Forums [Biker Match] MAG Protests...What's your view? - Forums [Biker Match]
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MAG Protests...What's your view?

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Yesterday, quite a lot of people turned out to join the various MAG organised protest rides, myself included.
There is, without doubt, a raft of proposed legislation from the EU, being debated, which, if allowed through, has the potential to seriously effect, what we will be able to do to and with, as regards "customising", "servicing", our bikes, etc.

My own feeling is, if we do nothing, we are on a slippery slope to extinction. For me the people in MAG do a hell of a lot and dedicate a lot of thier time to ensuring our voices are heard, rights protected by, lobbying MP's, MEP's, organising protests and providing imformatiom to MP's etc, to make them aware of what is being proposed etc.

I feel the least I can do is support them by, being a paid up member, attending thier protest rides and the easy bit, going to thier usually excellent rallies.

I posted on the Barmouth ride out thread, on the events forum this morning, to "tongue in cheek" admonish them for doing a ride out, when, they could have been out with the MAG protests, Yes I know everyone has a choice and as I have met some of the people on that ride, thought it would be amusing
Only a couple of responses so far but, have to say, quite disappointed in the view expressed towards the MAG protest. Again everyone has a view and an opinion, which they are entitled to.
I thought it may be an intersting and relevant thread, to hear what the majority on here feel about it....?

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clarkee @ 25/06/2012 13:22  

I'll wait a while to see what's posted, before I comment further I'm sure that most of you already know my "feelings" on the subject

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Emzed @ 25/06/2012 13:27  

You know my thoughts but. protest in the week when it WILL have an affect. NOT when the goverment and police say you can. You talk about having our rights taken away MAG agree to this every time thay hold a demo at the weekend becuse there told thats when thay can hold it .

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JP @ 25/06/2012 13:41  

The weekend is also when "possibly" a greater number of riders are free, so, the protest is bigger.
Think it's safe to say, that for most, biking is a pastime or a hobby. There are those who have a bike as thier only form of transport, but why not hold the protest when the majority of bikes are being ridden....Sunday?.
Get the point that the impact would be far greater on a weekday but, any protest is better than non at all, and, as we're all "Bikers", we are all affected, so, in my view, should be supporting!

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clarkee @ 25/06/2012 13:54  

Lotsa folk just can't afford the time off work. If the media refuse to give the protest due coverage, then alternative stratagies will be employed eg a protest ride outside the BBC studios, or the newspaper offices. But to do nothing but shrug your shoulders because you don't agree with the protest organisation is appallingly short-sighted. 'What did you do in the war, daddy?' 'Nothing, I didn't agree with the defence strategy'. FFS, wake up and smell the coffee!!! Get off the damn fence, and protest!

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XKLYBR @ 25/06/2012 13:59  

One of the things i have notice on these weekend rides is that it brings it to the notice of the public, at the services i have spoke to people there who have no idea what the government is up to or that it may eventually effect them in there cars and they all seemed sympathetic to our course, so that at least is a result. On the other hand i speak to people i know who say it just couldn't happen and dont belive me, well it is happening and any little bit i can do to help i will

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Bikeabill @ 25/06/2012 14:11  

*Coughs politely* I think some heat needs to be taken out of some of these comments.. we are friends are we not and this is something to come together on not fight with a war of words against each other... Perhaps.. with a bit more "organisation" the next MAG Demonstrations to be held in September could be done to keep everyone happy and with a higher turn out... MAG Demo run.. Meet.. Smile for the camera's.. ride eight or so miles at 40pmh and then disperse as a group onto an "Organised BM Ride Out" ~ A lot of people who read the forums.. who don't participate because it's not their thing may have little or no undertstanding about MAG Demo's or what they stand for.. but they know that an organised BM RideOut is likely to be a cracking day... There.. all said without condeming.. slapping or high horsing anyone... Thank you and good afternoon.. I have a house to box up...

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rockchickeelicious @ 25/06/2012 14:18  

RCD, take your point and I think this may turn into a healthy debate, as long as it is kept civil.
Surely the point of the demo is to raise awareness and protest. It can't be made to suit everyone, although I see where you're coming from.
The bottom line for me is, If you like/are into/ride, bikes, you should be aware of the proposals and threats to your biking freedom. If someone arranges a protest you should support it, where posssible.

BM events are usually good fun and I have met some cracking people on here. If biking disappears, there will be no need for Bikermatch and perhaps we could start up "crowngreenbowlermatch" until the EU and health and safety nazi's, deem that too dangerous too!

Gooh luck boxing your house....that's going to take quite a bit of cardboard!

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clarkee @ 25/06/2012 14:30  

For God's sake don't mention the cardboard! I did once, but I think I got away with it...

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XKLYBR @ 25/06/2012 14:48  

There is nothing wrong with a healthy debate, just remember folks that everbody is entitled to their own opinion good, bad or indifferent and we should respect that in each other.

That said, i have to agree that Sunday protests have very little impact on anybody, yes they give folk chance to make a stand and show their support to the cause but the attention they get is minima, which to me, doesn't show the time and effort folks who feel passionate about the subject have made.

Out of interest, after reading this thread i did a poll of my office, 31 people who live all over the West Midlands, only 1 of them was aware that any protests were being done, 2 live in Coalville area, 1 guy travelled back from Blackpool and had no knowledge. And as far as i am aware none of the protests got any news coverage, but i may be wrong.

IMO its a case of picking your battles.

I joined MAG in 1988

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Brummie Jackie @ 25/06/2012 14:59  

Jackie, were the people you spoke to, out and about at the time of the protests?.

Not one car came past the Charnock Richard southbound protest yesterday, for the WHOLE run. Think it may have affected more than 31 people.

Does'nt change the fact "BIKING IS UNDER THREAT !!!!!

DO something or do nothing !!!.

It'll take longer to que into Barmouth for an Ice cream, in a car, in future !. That's if you can afford the petrol..your choice

Seems to be a lot of apathy in "The Shire"

I joined MAG about 4 Years ago????

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clarkee @ 25/06/2012 15:14  

Really don't get this "do nothing" and criticise others who do, attitude !!!.

31 people didnt know about the protest!! That's the whole point!!. Protest and raise awareness!!!.

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clarkee @ 25/06/2012 15:58  

I am not criticising the folk that turned out that was there choice what I dont like is you and others criticising myself and others for not going we have a choice aswell. As I said the day MAG stop doing what the goverment tell them thay can do I will turn out to surport them

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JP @ 25/06/2012 16:05  

Fair enough JP, no one can force you to do anything and, you're perfectly entitled to your opinion.

You went on a ride and I went on a protest, both free choices. The point of the protest was to protect the very thing we have in common , Biking.

Seems to me you're saying you're not protesting because you think the government tell MAG, how and when they can protest. My point is nothing will happen if we don't. If riding down the Motorway on Sunday is what's decided, the, I'm there.
Better to support a protest than not go, because you don't like the way it's done.

You don't like what you feel is "me" and others critisizing you for not going. I don't like the sheer apathy displayed by a lot of, so called, "Bikers" in general, to a serious situation, not just you

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clarkee @ 25/06/2012 16:21  

Jackie, were the people you spoke to, out and about at the time of the protests?. Yes, shopping i believe and the other travelling back from Blackpool

Not one car came past the Charnock Richard southbound protest yesterday, for the WHOLE run. Think it may have affected more than 31 people. I asked around the office to see whether 'normal' folk were aware of anything thats all, used as an example.

Does'nt change the fact "BIKING IS UNDER THREAT !!!!!

DO something or do nothing !!!. I choose to protest in my own way, just because you dont see it, does not mean i do nothing.

It'll take longer to que into Barmouth for an Ice cream, in a car, in future !. That's if you can afford the petrol..your choice If i choose to go to Barmouth on my day off from work then thats MY choice. I have to deal with politics and all the the crap that comes with it daily.

Seems to be a lot of apathy in "The Shire" Just because 2 folk made comment does not mean the whole 'Shire' agrees

I joined MAG about 4 Years ago???? Was just making you aware that i support MAG in my own way,

As i said previously, respect other peoples opinions, it is not necessary to slag folk off just because they disagree with you or do not follow your path of action.

Have you asked how else folk show their disagreement with the legislation?

Are you aware that MAG require lots of paperwork to be typed, printed and distributed ? Which takes up quite a lot of free time for the volunteers that do it.

Would you then say that they were being apathetic if they did not turn up for a protest ride, when they have put in weeks worth of their own free time to help organise it?

Like i said , folk protest in their own way

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Brummie Jackie @ 25/06/2012 16:36  

Jackie, obviously was not aware of your work behind the scenes and for that, I publicly apologise.

Of course I was aware that it needs a lot of organising, just was'nt aware you did it.

Still hold to the view that the protests are an effective way to protest though. The Charnock Richard one was. Your now, undisputed commitment to the cause, is not in question, however there are plenty of others who cannot claim that dedication. That being the case, I still maintain also that the level of apathy among so called "Bikers" is appalling, in my view.

I'll consider myself, "told off"

How was the ice cream in Barmouth ??

Ps, still think 31 people aint a representative cross section either

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clarkee @ 25/06/2012 17:24  

Does Bikermatch support the protest? If so, why didn't all 60,000 members get a pm or email asking them to turn up? Matt - u got yr ears on mate?

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XKLYBR @ 25/06/2012 18:11  

XK.. This is primarily a social network and/or dating site.. Majority of People sign up to find love not to be told where to go on a Sunday... Matt or anyone else for that matter can only point out what is happening.. this was and is done in the Forums and in the NewsLetter... If I was here just for love I would be pretty damn miffed to get an email requesting my attendance at an Event.. Political or otherwise...

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rockchickeelicious @ 25/06/2012 18:19  

If.. however this was the MAG site and everyone had been talking about the proposed legislature and saying something should be done and then they didn't bother their backsides.. would be a completely different matter...

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rockchickeelicious @ 25/06/2012 18:22  

Or prepare for the day when the site has to be re-named 'Ex-Biker Match'

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centurion @ 25/06/2012 18:30  

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