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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

You've Been NABD 21 Rally ....11.05.12-13.05.12

You've Been NABD 21 Rally ....11.05.12-13.05.12 - Forums [Biker Match] You've Been NABD 21 Rally ....11.05.12-13.05.12 - Forums [Biker Match]
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You've Been NABD 21 Rally ....11.05.12-13.05.12

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Soooooooooo Who's going NABD 11 May 2012?? gonna be a good one .. only 779 tickets left at this momemto ... brill comedy from Smarcked ARse Comedy club and me for one love the Sugar Bulletts.... if you love old punk stuff you will love them they are playing sat night.. go on ya know you wanna... and you wont regret it .... whoooooooop whooooooooop who else is going ?

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xSuzix @ 22/04/2012 20:44  

Got a ticket for this (1st one for me). Will be there with a few non BM mates. Only about 25mins from home and never been before

   Update Reply
clarkee @ 29/04/2012 21:38  

We will be there on Friday about 1 ish ..........

   Update Reply
anneka56 @ 07/05/2012 09:56  

I'll be there Fri about 6.

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Deleted Member @ 07/05/2012 11:23  

Well I've got my Ticket but can't decide if I'm camping Friday or just going Saturday, then do I go to Thundersprint or WSB on Sunday? A lot to do that weekend! So if any of you see me say hello! I'll be on the Black Triumph on my Lonesome.

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Viking Tel @ 08/05/2012 13:25  

not hard to spot then
biker type with bike

   Update Reply
kaycat @ 08/05/2012 13:36  

We will be on a black Triumph too

   Update Reply
anneka56 @ 09/05/2012 00:10  

Glad to see the spirit of Henry Ford lives on amongst the BM Triumph owning fraternity at least

   Update Reply
centurion @ 09/05/2012 00:47  

I would like to have gone to this one, but not to worry. Let us know how it went folks and get some photos posted when you are back

   Update Reply
davidneale @ 11/05/2012 06:32  

First time I've done this rally. Had a really good laugh and enjoyed it. Only person I recognised off here was Anneka. Went to say hi and had a short chat, was nice to meet her.
I was in a group of about 10 people, and, we really had a blast...doing it again next tear..all being well

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clarkee @ 13/05/2012 19:33  

I was there with 2 friends and it was my first rally ever! What a blast! Loved it!! The entertainment was great, the beer was cheap and the people were fab - the toilets were grim!!!! Lol I didnt see a soul I recognised off BM sadly

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shazproud @ 14/05/2012 09:52  

I would have said "Hi" if I'd seen you, Shazza !!. Grim, is very polite, judging by one of the toilets I went in, near our tent.

I really feel sorry for you "girls", there seem to be some absolute animals, who use the toilets at some rallies.

Having said that, the MAG rallies always seem to have nice clean Loo's

   Update Reply
clarkee @ 14/05/2012 13:08  

Hi Clarkee - I would have said hi too - perhaps at future events we should have a BM meeting point!

Its not just the ladies who suffer the indignity of disgusting toilets - those with disabilities or mobility impairments often need to sit rather than 'hover' - I wouldnt have liked to have sat on amy of those!!!

   Update Reply
shazproud @ 14/05/2012 21:09  

Yes it was lovely to meet you Clarkee as for the toilets , I never use the one's by the camp site I always use the ones near the Marquees and Food Vans (they tend to pay more attention to those ) Was a good rally as always but marred by the bad accident on Sunday that happened just outside the gates , biker was flown to hospital by air ambulance but nothing to do with the rally ( it appears he was using the road along side the site as a race track ) no news on his condition but it was bad

   Update Reply
anneka56 @ 14/05/2012 22:40  

I had a fab time at this rally, very chilled in the day, and some bloomin good bands by night.We fluttered our eyelashes at the parking marshall and managed to get an ace spot, and didnt have to carry our kit for a mile. I have to say i had no probs with any of the toilets i used, compared to some at festivals i've been to.
I will get around to putting up some photos, when i work out how, unless i do a Flickr link, if that's allowed.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 15/05/2012 15:04  

Ok, photo's added, to event page and profile.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 15/05/2012 16:13  

My first NABD rally too....and a first ever rally for one in our group , what a great weekend we all had, and yes the loos were better near the marquees etc......i left after the accident but heres something someone heavily involved in NABD wrote about the rumours.....and im quote.............
In a bid to avoid the usual bullshit generated by the ‘Biker’s rumour mill’, here’s an update on the accident that occurred just outside of the gate at the You’ve Been Nabbed rally on Sunday.
A young guy who had not attended the rally was racing down the A535 on his bike as many of the local youngsters do at weekend. He was in collision with a car, just yards from the gate of the event. There were dozens of witnesses at the gate who all agreed that the car driver was not in any way at fault.
Initially the accident looked catastrophic and rumours of “possible fatality” were running around the site like wet shit through fishnet tights. The site paramedics were on scene within seconds followed minutes later by the ambulance service.
The guy on the bike was lifted by air ambulance as a precautionary measure.
The report back on Sunday evening confirmed that the guy had been released from hospital suffering some bruising and a broken finger.

So just to recap. Nobody from the event was involved. Nobody died. Everybody went home in one piece. Please feel free to copy this and remind people that when they pass on a bullshit rumour they become part of the problem.
If you know nothing, say nothing! Simples…

   Update Reply
bonnielad865 @ 15/05/2012 20:11  

too add to that, NABD is really great value for money with the amount of entertainment on and the real ale bar very cheap....any pint only £2:50 but if you decided on the easier session beers then cans at £6 for four, a great choice of food and stalls to browse around.....definantly will be going again, local to me too

   Update Reply
bonnielad865 @ 15/05/2012 20:44  

YAYYYYYY have uploaded some pics and yes that lad must be the luckiest lad alive !!!!!!

   Update Reply
anneka56 @ 15/05/2012 23:34  

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