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Datatool Alarms

Datatool Alarms - Forums [Biker Match] Datatool Alarms - Forums [Biker Match]
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Datatool Alarms

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Hi, My new bike has a datatool S4 alarm fitted, the guy I brought it off said it was in service/winter mode. but I carnt seem to cleaer it and put it back to normal operation. I have managed to get it in to ferry mode, but it dosnt resume normal operation after and I carnt find anything in the handbook to clear it.Anyone got any Idea's

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cavywavy @ 15/04/2012 18:42  

great to meet ya today cavywavy .... maybe a yamaha dealer would know if its factory fitted or any bike shop i would have thought? just a thought

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xSuzix @ 15/04/2012 23:12  

Was good to meet you to :) I was going to drop by K2 to see about some tyres anyway so I'll ask in there it may be a blown fuse or somthing

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cavywavy @ 15/04/2012 23:22  

Hi cavywavy,

I have a datatool alarm on my bike and when i had problems, which the handbook was unclear about. I went on datatool web site which helped to sort my problem out.

Hope this helps you.

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PaulXXX @ 16/04/2012 00:00  

I tried the datatool website and eneded up even more confused lol, I will spend some time on it over the weekend see what I can work out.

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cavywavy @ 16/04/2012 20:13  

The best fix for datatool alarm is to remove it you will need the haynes manual for wiring diagram you want to use (us) diagram that does not show any alarm and get a good bike sparky to open the wiring for you. Then you can choose a different alarm. The wiring is very easy just a couple of wires to put to (us) spec

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Deleted Member @ 16/06/2012 20:37  

I just left it for now its not on anyway I suspect someone may have dissabled it before I got the bike as the LED isnt even flashing but removing the seat sets it off and I can put it in ferry mode and get it to go off but other than them two it seem to do much.At the moment its not really having any effect so ill just leave it well alone I think as it hasnt bothered me for 4 months since I got the bike

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cavywavy @ 17/06/2012 22:51  

If in doubt...bash it with a big hammer !!!! Kill or cure

(works with many things !!)

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Alice2 @ 17/06/2012 23:09  

Took mine off more trouble than it's worth!!
Bucket of water is the best thing for it :-)

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Deleted Member @ 20/08/2012 12:17  

Mine dosnt seemt o do anything just sits there so I havent got round to working out how to remove it :) Miss the HISS on my Honda though

   Update Reply
cavywavy @ 25/08/2012 18:23  

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