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Just to clarify

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Just to stop specualtion and rumour over recent events, can I just clarify that no moderators were kicked off the team. They both stepped down voluntarily for their own reasons, not down to any particular persons or events but over issues which developed behind the scenes.

These issues have now been resolved and I would hope that they feel welcome to return to BM with my full support and for us all to continue to have a great 2012.

All we need now is to get that weather back we had for 1 week in March!

   Update Reply
Matt @ 13/04/2012 13:32  

Nice one Matt,

   Update Reply
Karey @ 13/04/2012 16:55  

Well said matt much appreciated see you soon

   Update Reply
JP @ 13/04/2012 17:28  

....where's the 'Like' Button???

   Update Reply
Holmfirthgirl @ 13/04/2012 17:37  

*like* If Matt has any more buttons we'll have to call him the Pearly King.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 13/04/2012 17:58  

Yes, nice one Matt

   Update Reply
davidneale @ 13/04/2012 18:33  

I think someone should kick that Deemer bloke off the site...he keeps interrupting...

   Update Reply
mozie @ 13/04/2012 18:51  

Would of put a winking smilie no that but my phone won't allow rich text lol

   Update Reply
mozie @ 13/04/2012 18:52  

Cheer for that Matt, want to see them all back asap

   Update Reply
Blackberry @ 13/04/2012 19:01  

Good news, I hope they and others around them are back soon. The site hasn't been quite the same with all this hanging around and will certainly be better to get it resolved and the peeps back on board, I'm sure you know Matt that you would struggle without them.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 13/04/2012 19:18  

Great news

   Update Reply
wenders @ 13/04/2012 22:36  

I agree with all above come back you buggers

   Update Reply
anneka56 @ 13/04/2012 23:32  

Oi! Who you calling a bugger lol! Thanks for the vote of confidence Matt and for clearing this up before the rumour mill went berserk. All resolved now and looking forward to the summer and lots of stuff going on all over the country.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 14/04/2012 01:19  

i'm glad that we have you all back lets hope we can now make this an even better site

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 14/04/2012 01:38  

Worry not! Sid the squid (once removed cousin of Paul) came to me in a dream last night saying that order in BM land would return within two weeks with the Hobits reinstated and everyone living happily ever after!!! (so here goes with prediction No 2 of the week) Go you Sid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 14/04/2012 08:59  

I-ronnie, can Sid tell me tonight's lottery numbers??

   Update Reply
HippyRockChick @ 14/04/2012 10:24  

I can give you last week's numbers if that helps; lol

   Update Reply
Simon66 @ 14/04/2012 14:38  

Cheers Boss Man

Appreciate your hard work and effort these last couple of weeks :)

Bring on thr fun and sun

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 15/04/2012 09:04  

well done welcome back ladies

   Update Reply
Onearmbandit52 @ 15/04/2012 19:54  


   Update Reply
bomb doctor @ 15/04/2012 20:06  

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