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Right ladies and gents,
Switching bank accounts this week, so my free recovery service is ending. It was with the AA, who used to cover me personally for any vehicle I was either passenger or drive/rider in. 
I'm thinking of taking out a membership with the AA again, as the times I have used them I found them prompt and able to either fix the problem or recover me home. Anyone have any suggestions of any other companies I should look at ?? I have checked the RAC and Green Flag already ;-)
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Have been using the RAC for 10 years now. It's the only service that doesn't dump you in the middle of no where waiting for a recovery relay vehicle on a long distance rescue. They also attent to you no matter what you are driving on the one policy.

Also unlike many services the RAC give a biker simular priority as a lone female, meaning you don't end up stranded for hours waiting for a puncture repair in the rain at night in the winter on a motorway some where.(the AA's record for me in that situation was 5 hours!)

The longest I have ever needed to wait for the RAC in a car van or bike was just under an hour.

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Have been with the AA for 20 plus years and although thankfully i have never had to use them very often, when i have they have always been excellent.  When my handbag was stolen in Glasgow, with my car keys in it, they offered to recover me back to Brum :)
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Some credit card providers offer free AA/RAC membership, as do some insurance fraudsters..... sorry, providers. Check what you may already have Spesh                                                                                                                                                                             
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I've been with the AA for 33 years, they have gone beyond the call of duty for me, in 2000 they collected what remains were left of my R1 from a Salvage yard knowing they couldn't fix it and put it on a pallet and delivered it 130 miles away (and I was not even there as I was in Hospital).  They even jump started my Car at Craner Curves in Donington when I flattened the Battery listening to the commentary on the Radio!
 I used them to change my shredded Caravan tyre on the M27 on New years eve a few weeks back as well, no problems. I'm sure there is good and bad with them all.                                                                                                                                                                              
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reported a puncture at 5pm in the lakes and AA got me back to Sheffield by 6a.m the following morning. Spent many hours in motorway services waiting for recovery change overs. I'm with rac now.
My bike broke down at Squires and the RAC recovered it 45 miles and had it back in my garage within 90 minutes of ringing them 
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Axa assistance is perhaps one to look at .Use it because they are one of the only companies offering repatriation for bike/rider/pillion if the worst should happen whilst touring in Europe                                                                                                                                                                              

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