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Rozefly's Profile

Brighton, Age 35

Rozefly's Profile [Biker Match] Rozefly's Profile [Biker Match]
Rozefly's BikerMatch Profile Rozefly's BikerMatch Profile Rozefly's BikerMatch Profile
Brighton (BN1)
My Bike:
Suzuki V-strom 650

"Tell you later"

Long-standing member :-)
Offline for some time :-(

My Personality

Fav. indoor activity:
Depends on how close we are :P but probably a movie, a take out or some fun video games.
Fav. outdoor activity:
(Other than biking) probably wandering around a town, exploring, eating, drinking and being silly
Fav. music:
I'm into a bit of everything (but I am TERRIBLE at names of songs/ artists - I just know I like it when I hear it)
Arts / Crafts, Computers / Internet, Food and Wine, Motorcycles - Off Road, Motorcycles - SportsBikes, Motorcycles - SportsTourers, Motorcycles - Tourers, Movies / Cinema, Nature, Travel / Sightseeing, Yoga / Meditation
Looking For:
I'm interested in men - but my life is a little crazy at the moment - not 100% sure what I am ready for
My life is a little up in the air at the moment, so I am dipping my toe back into the dating pool to kind of figure out what I might be ready for and to see if there is someone awesome who's prepared to maybe be a bit patient and understanding. I am looking for someone a bit different, who can challenge me, who can laugh, be sarcastic, ride with me, and generally just take things slow and see if there could be something good to pursue.

I'm a fan of movies and TV - I LOVE anything to do with fantasy, sci-fi, robots, monsters - etc. I am possibly the biggest fan of the Transformers you're ever going to meet. I like video games and have spent waaay too long on my Skyrim character to be healthy. I wouldn't identify myself as a feminist, but as an egalitarian - more along the lines of the Jordan Peterson mindset, I guess (but there is plenty he says that I disagree with too). I like to travel, but haven't had a chance to do much of that in recent years. I like good food - there isn't really much I won't try. I also like to feel I am pretty self reflective and honest, so I hope anyone who is interested in getting to know me would also be open with me about what page they're on.

I don't have kids, but do adore children and very much want them in my future one day.

On a non-romantic note, I'm also keen to meet any groups of riders in the Brighton area - now that I am separated from my husband, I am looking for new biker friends : )


My Appearance

Body Type:
Curvy / Buxom
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
5'2''-5'6'' (157cm-169cm)
So - I'm torn between 'average' and 'curvy'. I am horribly self-deprecating and tend to think I am gross, but I have been told that I am attractive, so I am trying to start believing that a little more often.

Size 12-14 for reference but am going to be working out once my life and situation becomes a bit less crazy. Long blonde/ brownish hair, green eyes, a few tats that can't really be seen unless you know me REALLY well, I'm 5'4" - so a shorty (had to have my V-strom lowered so my feets could touch the floor).

My style ranges between bike stuff and boho/hippyish. I sometimes wish I could dress like someone out of a fantasy novel - so I try to emulate that sometimes, without looking too off-the-wall crazy.


Misc. Information

Light/social drinker
Tell you later
Graduate/Masters Degree
Tell you later
Flat - Rent
So I do enjoy a drink a few times a week - I wouldn't say I am a heavy drinker or that I go out and get pissed a few times a week, but I would like to be able to enjoy a few cold beers with a partner in a sunny beer garden.

I don't smoke - other than occasionally, and only if there is very minimal tobacco content (if you get my meaning). So ideally, another non-smoker, who also occasionally indulges in non-tobacco smokeables, or someone who doesn't mind when I do.

I guess I tend to like men who are taller than me - but beyond that I really do not have a type. Other than. . . we click. I want someone who gets me.

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My Events Agenda

Planned Events

I'm not planning to visit any events at the moment.
Feel free to send me a private message if you'd like to meet up.

Past Events

I've not yet been to any events. Maybe some time soon.
Feel free to send me a private message if you'd like to meet up.


My Forum Posts

I've not yet posted in the forums.

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