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Lone Cactus's Profile

Horley, Age 36

Lone Cactus's Profile [Biker Match] Lone Cactus's Profile [Biker Match]
Lone Cactus's BikerMatch Profile Lone Cactus's BikerMatch Profile Lone Cactus's BikerMatch Profile
Lone Cactus
Horley (RH6)
My Bike:
Yamaha ybr custome 125

"No filter, all or nothing, too caring, too sarcastic, a pinch (bucket) of crazy"

Long-standing member :-)
Logged in within past week.

My Personality

Fav. indoor activity:
Creating, reading, gaming, talking to my pets cos who the phock else will listen
Fav. outdoor activity:
Foraging, getting lost in the woods, getting drunk then walking home singing to myself
Fav. music:
Most things. Motown to punk, dnb to the fallout4 soun track
Arts / Crafts, Cooking, Dancing, Gardening, Hiking / Camping, Motorcycles - Classic / Vintage, Motorcycles - Cruisers, Movies / Cinema, Music - Alternative, Music - Dance / Electronic, Music - Latin, Music - Rock, Nature, Nightclubs / Clubs
Looking For:
Like minded cretin, preferably slightly on the Viking beardy side
Iv been here before, other dating sites are just the worst this is the least boring and has information about events nowhere near me that i might oneday like to go to.

I dont have time in real life to meet people. I work long hours and have recently started a college course so if you want someone to physically chase you thats not me sorry😄

I would like to meet someone roughly my age or younger, i dont have daddy issues and i get the ICK and loose interest if your not mentally stimulating enough.

If your idea of a perfect sunday is a cheeky walk followed by a roast dinner and you do some weird possey shit with your face please cringe off somewhere else.

I dont have kids, iv never been married ( who knows one day some fool might convince me both these things are a good idea?), i will treat you how i want to be treated and the second i dont get that back i will drop you, if i am even the slightest bit worried about you i will go into protective stalker mode to make sure you are ok (previous XP of people tryna do themselvs in a few years back left me triggered)

Im funny, caring, bit of a dude, no filter, a bit wild, average looking but scrub up ok when i have to, im pretty sure theres something wrong with me but no one has the balls to tell me so i will continue on my trainwreck of a journey all with a bottle of rum in my hand. ( actually just found out i probably have ADHD which honestly explains soooooo much. . wanna be my next fixation??)

Dislikes: . . soft handed men, men who wear cardigans, men who are more female than me ( its not difficult but still), men who take longer to get ready than me, men who think a womens place should be. . . ect. . ect. ect

I dont need a man . . . . but i would like one

Im strong and indipendant cos i need to be not cos i wanna be its bloody hard work being the dude i wanna date 🤣


My Appearance

Body Type:
Curvy / Buxom
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Multi - Coloured
5'2''-5'6'' (157cm-169cm)
Im actually a dwarf.

Correction im a Tiefling-orc, Druide and of course im Chaotic good you may call me Shish roll d20 for other distractions


Misc. Information

Light/social drinker
Light/social smoker
Healthcare & Medical
House - Rent
Tall vikings with beards

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My Events Agenda

Planned Events

I'm not planning to visit any events at the moment.
Feel free to send me a private message if you'd like to meet up.

Past Events

I've not yet been to any events. Maybe some time soon.
Feel free to send me a private message if you'd like to meet up.


My Forum Posts

I've not yet posted in the forums.

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