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General Chat/Anything Goes

Going away for a while.

Going away for a while. - Forums [Biker Match] Going away for a while. - Forums [Biker Match]
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Going away for a while.

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As title says, need to sort my head out. Got a lot of stuff whizzing around in my mind that I don't really want or need so gonna leave for a while. If anyone wants to contact me, feel free, some of you have my MSN, those that don't can ask various members on here
See ya again,

A feeling low and crappy Moxey.

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Moxey77 @ 23/06/2007 19:54  

aww whats up hun?

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RC @ 23/06/2007 19:55  

aw mate dont go. Maybe we can help sort ur head out? We've all been there and im sure that through the support of ur mates here we can all be of assistance. Take it easy bud, and have a beer or 6

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Matt @ 24/06/2007 08:53  

take easy mate , catch you soon .

   Update Reply
firebladekid @ 24/06/2007 09:00  

yep everyone been there for me mox

u know where i am if u need to talk xx

   Update Reply
RC @ 24/06/2007 09:25  

Hope you feel gooderer soon Moxey

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 24/06/2007 13:28  

mox come bk mate we all miss ya hun

   Update Reply
RC @ 25/06/2007 07:13  

I have been there Mox...... but some very good friends got me out ! But they couldn't till I was ready to listen. Knowing there is something wrong is the first step to getting better Take care xx

   Update Reply
Kate5930 @ 26/06/2007 14:32  

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