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The "No to Mob" Biker Group is on TV Wed@ 7.00pm

The "No to Mob" Biker Group is on TV Wed@ 7.00pm - Forums [Biker Match] The "No to Mob" Biker Group is on TV Wed@ 7.00pm - Forums [Biker Match]
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The "No to Mob" Biker Group is on TV Wed@ 7.00pm

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We are a group of Bikers in London and the South East who have taken on the Councils who often operate CCTV Cars for parking enforcement illegally. We are on TV this week on the BBC One Show on Wednesday at 7.00pm. We recently forced Richmond Council to pay back to the Motoring Public £1.1M of illegally taken fines, and have discovered recently that Westminster Council are in a similar position for approx £9M..!

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Tom Tom STR @ 18/10/2011 16:07  

just out of interest (ignorance, sry), "CCTV Cars for parking enforcement illegally" Is that similar to the DVLA vans with 5/6 cameras crusing the streets looking for untaxed cars?

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Junction47 @ 18/10/2011 16:13  

Not quite the same thing, but it is related.... Councils have been raising significant revenue from both areas ! Our issue is that many councils especially Westminster have not been following the Government statutory requirements and have used these cars in a fashion akin to "Hi-Way Robbery"... They have issed them "illegally" and with zero tolereance, raising many Millions of £ with tickets in London usually £130 a time. Our group recently forced this Council to pay back to the public £437,000 at one junction site in the West end which can only be described as a "HoneyTrap" The signage at the junction was not only confusing but also Illegal.

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Tom Tom STR @ 18/10/2011 16:20  

Well done TTS Making a stand can be hard going from start to finish. Glad you were successful

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Alice2 @ 18/10/2011 22:17  

Yes, well done indeed and thanks to people like you for looking out for all of us. When I saw the word mob in the title I thought it was Mafia related lol

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Sandi @ 19/10/2011 03:56  

I agree Well done TTS will defo watch tonight :-)

P's .... Any chance of expansion north?

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Deleted User @ 19/10/2011 05:47  

Tom, out of interest, what is it that they are doing wrong and how are you proving their indiscretions?

I ask because what happens in London often spreads up north eventually and I'm always very happy to tell local authorities when they're doing things wrong!

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geoffb2005 @ 19/10/2011 07:17  

Hi All.. ! sorry for the delayed reply !
thanks for your interest.. Have a look at the "NoToMob" website...there is lots of info there about how we operate ! We are expanding rapidly too as many Bikers joining daily now... anyone can do this do not need to have a Motorcycle, although most us us do. ! Also Look at a fantastic sight called "Nutsville" easy to find on Google.. You will see the extent and successes of the battle with these Draconian Councils especially Westminster and their plans to raise revenue from Motorists and Bikers - and how these plans have been foiled ! It is an ongoing battle, and we have had numerous major successes recently. We have appeared on "TV's Watchdog" and the "BBC One show" and London and South East Local papers -currently on the front pages of Medway News and Bexley and Sidcup observer. The latest issue is a Central London one and the estimated potential refund value is in the region of £9M to £15M from revenue gained in the last couple of years whilst operating illegally. Watch this space ! There are strict guidlines laid down by the Government on how CCTV cars and CCTVstatics operate, most councils have not followed the rules in their haste to raise revenue, and have been proven to have operated illegally.

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Tom Tom STR @ 16/11/2011 08:52  

this is brilliant will have to find out more about it

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Bikeabill @ 18/11/2011 03:56  

Brilliant - thanks TTS I've saved notomob and nutsville to me faves, I'll have a look this evening when I get home :) Bury councli have a toyota aygo that they use regularly (parked on the pavement!) monitoring bus lanes I think but could be anything !

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chris.sheridan @ 18/11/2011 08:22  

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