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Technical Motorbike Help


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right i need a radiator to fit my honda vt500ef 1998 and im having trouble finding one they r like rocking horse poo, now ive found some on web in usa but they wont ship and i really desperate for one , so if any one can help me i would b eternally greatfull, please help, have put call out on web n no one been able to help me so far

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ladyrider @ 08/06/2007 14:15  

hi ladyrider they do what u want

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vmaxdeg @ 08/06/2007 14:27  

Yup David Silver deal in Honda parts but they use the courier ANC so I hope you're not in a hurry. When I ordered something from David Silver it took ONE DAY to get to Leeds (they are based in Suffolk) and ONE WEEK for ANC to get from Leeds to my house in Huddersfield. David Silver excellent ANC chite! I hope you find a radiator, lady

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Sandi @ 08/06/2007 14:49  

sorry already tried them, cant help ,it has taken 2 weeks to get piston rings doesnt look like i will make it to farmyard on my trike oh well , thanks for trying

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ladyrider @ 08/06/2007 23:26  

Hi Lady ebay has a radiator for a Honda VT500 ED item number 29006 485 1976 Buy it now price £75 quid + £10 p&p from Cornwall, read the whole page it's got their phone number on you could phone em, if this isn't what you're looking for, maybe they can get it for you. OR try this website (if you aint already) Good luck Kwak

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Sandi @ 09/06/2007 05:53  

Also remember, whenever you speak to a company that you found out info about on BM, just mention BM in conversation as they may consider advertising on BM/BC long term. Cheers

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Matt @ 09/06/2007 08:00  

(0) R fairclough & son 01226203794 McLintock Way BARNSLEY, South Yorkshire, S70 6BF Try other: Car Radiator Servici...> No additional information is available yet on this business. Try this ladyrider they make rads as well, i used em for cars but a friend had one refurbished for a old suzuki kettle

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fjr_graham @ 11/06/2007 20:13  

ok thanks every one, ive now got my rad sorted n its not ideal ,but will do for now ,just got to find the time to fit the thing and some rearanging of pipes

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ladyrider @ 11/06/2007 20:30  

Dont know if they have what you want but I got some bits once from DK Spares in Bristol... havnt got the number anymore, got rid of it with the EX ................. sorry they were really nice and the bits came quick.

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Kate5930 @ 12/06/2007 13:52  

Lady, where did you get the radiator from in the end? Was it from the breakers or the ebay one, or somewhere different?

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 12/06/2007 13:56  

had it made £50 ouch,sorry couldnt reply earlier been at work need pennies thanks again everyone

   Update Reply
ladyrider @ 13/06/2007 17:47  

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