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Motorcycle News

Triumph Take 'Top Slot' in Sales Over 125cc

Triumph Take 'Top Slot' in Sales Over 125cc - Forums [Biker Match] Triumph Take 'Top Slot' in Sales Over 125cc - Forums [Biker Match]
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Triumph Take 'Top Slot' in Sales Over 125cc

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Triumph sold the most bikes in the UK over 125cc in 2010. With 7,564 bikes registered in the final quarter of 2010, Triumph took the top slot, followed by Honda with 7,283, BMW with 6,704, Suzuki with 6,496 and Yamaha with 6,199. The overall motorcycle sales chart is dominated by 125cc motorcycles, which puts Yamaha as the overall largest, by unit volume across the range. With the decline in sportsbike sales and rise in market share of both the Naked and Adventure market, those focused on superbikes have been hit the hardest. Triumph have enjoyed a steady growth over the past five years, with bikes like the Daytona 675, Street Triple and Speed Triple selling in large volume both in the UK and abroad.

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Sandi @ 18/02/2011 04:48  

All thay need to do now is cut out the jap side of the bikes production and get the British bike back not just an assembly plant

   Update Reply
JP @ 18/02/2011 09:28  

its nice to see british bike have still got it i now as i and pearents have diffrent triumphs

   Update Reply
shadowguyver @ 18/02/2011 18:03  

Rule Britannia

   Update Reply
Contradiction @ 18/02/2011 21:18  

I dont see how you can say it's british it's made in japan and only assembled in the uk

   Update Reply
JP @ 19/02/2011 00:01  

The Triumph parts plant is in Thailand, not Japan.
Still, it could be worse they could be made in America.

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Contradiction @ 19/02/2011 16:55  

Street Triple best bike I've owned, 35000 miles no problems. I've done track days, toured, commuted. My dealers' service excellent. Long may they top the figures.

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triple1 @ 23/02/2011 13:19  

Just the shame Triumph got rid of their big CC sport tourer (Trophy 1200), I had one years back and for it's day it was fantastic. When I came to get a newer bike the ST just wasn't good enough as don't do dinky wee bikes lol.

So was Rocket 3 or a Yam FJR and I like me corners too much lol

I seen the spy shots of the new Trophy they are building and didn't think it looked the part.

Well chuffed Triumph are holding their own though regardless of where the parts come from. Triumph is seen as a British company the world over and on two wheels they will be looked at market leaders

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madscots @ 02/03/2011 00:09  

I note that BMW have had another record year!

I am sure that a lot of this is to do with the continued success of the 1200gs and the new s1000rr, but I also wonder if a lot of it is to do with Honda inflating their prices to the extent they have.

For example, my bike (CB1300sa) cost me £6,300 brand new just over four years ago and had an RRP of £7,200. Now the same bike has an RRP of a hundred and fifty notes short of £11k!!

And the VFR1200 is another good example. Voted as the best sports touring motorcycle of 2010 by MCN and it is indeed a brilliant bike (even if it looks a bit odd). But it should have been the top selling bike over 500cc in 2010, but it wasn't. It made it into the top ten, but only just.

And it's no wonder.

Honda pitched it to lure customers away from BMW, but at about £12.5k for a standard model, the price certainly isn't going to. After all, you can get a K1300s for about £11k, £12k with ABS. And Honda lover though I may be, I reckon the K is a better machine and if I had £12k to throw at a bike, that's probably the one I'd go for. Hell, a new CB is the same price!!

I reckon that if Honda hadn't raised their prices, then they'd still have five or six bikes in the top ten over 500cc and it would be they who would be top selling brand over 125cc. Instead they've got two in the top ten with many Honda owners moving to BMW who have four or five.

As for Triumph. If they did have all their parts made in the UK, they'd cost twice as much and keep breaking down!

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geoffb2005 @ 02/03/2011 16:46  

The Japanese bikes are suffering from the weak quid, that's one of the main reasons they're expensive. Still, I doubt when the pound gets stronger dealers will drop their prices.

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Contradiction @ 02/03/2011 19:24  

I Love my Triumph and its British Engineering and I'm Proud of it.
Its surprising how many old lads come talking to you about their old bike story's and you can see the PRIDE in their face that you've not got Jap or yank iron lol.
And believe me that alone makes it worth while owning a modern Triumph

   Update Reply
we88yz @ 06/03/2011 04:47  

Hey We88yz, i have thus far only taken a couple of Triumph's out on demo, and found that the 'old' boys want to talk to you about them when you park up in town, lol. Though getting my Tiger 800 this week, can't wait, never bought new before. Regards Brat

   Update Reply
Brathu @ 06/03/2011 09:32  

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