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eeek the snow !!

eeek the snow !! - Forums [Biker Match] eeek the snow !! - Forums [Biker Match]
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eeek the snow !!

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Well watched it fall .....all bloody day.... now got at least 3 1/2 inches outside, and it is sticking to the A roads now .... gonna go and stroke my new bike ....cos I aint gonna be riding her soon :-( poooo! hows everyone else fairing ??????????????

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kazninja @ 30/11/2010 19:26  

We're still watching it fall up ere,.. every couple of hours it dumps another load on us! Yesterday am there was just over 7" on the roof of me car, and another inch on that at our site near Helmsley,... (where the farmyard do is). In the same place, at half 4 this aft it was -5, loverly when workin in it!! I think my two wheel transport is staying where it is too, I'll stick with me 4x4!!

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Paj1369 @ 30/11/2010 19:43  

So far not much more than a thin covering, but it's seriously cold here (insert teeth chattering smiley)

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Wills @ 30/11/2010 20:05  

Waiting for the AA to come. I went out to go to work at 7 o'clock, started the car and cleared the (6") snow off it. Yep,.... the doors locked ! So the engine's been running for an hour so far, i'm late for work, and the AA say it will be 9-30 at the earliest. All credit to the AA though, i'm only a member through my bank account so only qualify for breakdown over 1/4 mile from home, but since the engine's running they are giving me a complimentary homestart cover. Geddin there! (no, i haven't got a spare key, i didn't have the £130 for one when i asked)

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Weirdoraptor @ 30/11/2010 20:08  

Same here in cheshire and will be using my car or van to get around :)

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Deleted Member @ 30/11/2010 20:34  

We've got a load here, so much that the school I work at has closed..good one, day off :-)
Had bike serviced today and the nice guys at the garage came round in the van to pick it up as they didn't want me to ride in the snow. Bless em lol

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Deleted Member @ 30/11/2010 20:57  

What snow???

About an inch, if that, has fell since I got home at 5, not a great deal before that either, this happened last year, I think there's a giant invisible shield over my house.

Cos if I move a mile from mine there a fair bit, but still not that much, the roads are wet, although from the sad useless gits that are driving you would think there was 10 inches of snow on the road!!!

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Deleted Member @ 30/11/2010 20:58  

Well after seeing it snow everywhere else finally landed here this morning.

In Laindon nr Basildon we have 5-6 inches and it is still coming down. A 7 minute drive this morning took 40 mins..... God knows how long it will take tommoz

On a bright note got sent home early ....paid as well cos of snow.

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jabecs @ 30/11/2010 21:02  

Shadowfax, It all fell on Swad before it got to you lol

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Deleted Member @ 30/11/2010 21:20  

Tucked me leathers and lid away til next year

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Alice2 @ 30/11/2010 21:22  

10 inches of snow, and more due. -9 last night, supposed to be colder tonight, then snow for the morning. School closed for 3 days so far. Just the usual winter weather!

   Update Reply
VFRbabe @ 30/11/2010 21:27  

You'd think this country would cope a bit better by now, it's not exactly a new thing this snow stuff, is it? When the scandinavians see the disruption it causes they p*ss themselves laughing at us.

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Weirdoraptor @ 30/11/2010 21:41  

kerbed a wheel tonight very pi**ed off

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yamahama @ 30/11/2010 21:51  

What snow??? We had about 1/2" earlier today that tried to settle, but went this afternoon. But Jesuz it's bloody cold here with the wind minus 2 at min. Roads are really icey and fun to play on. M25 blocked in both directions round Gatwick area due to ice RTA's.

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GreasyTony @ 30/11/2010 21:56  

my mr2 got nearly 1 foot of snow on it here!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bikeabill @ 01/12/2010 01:06  

Nothing had landed here till yesterday ... Then we woke up to an overnight dump of about 3 inches ... I still had snow on the car roof where I couldn't reach it to clear it off when I got to work , that was after spending an hour on the motorway lol

Not looked out the window yet this morning but it was snowing heavily when we came to bed last night :-(

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Deleted User @ 01/12/2010 03:46  

Over 6 inches here and still snowing over 300 schools closed buses not running roads closed or littered with accidents !!!!!
Oh well another cup of tea under my quilt then

   Update Reply
Big Twin @ 01/12/2010 07:43  

no snow here at all! i feel a bit cheated!

   Update Reply
kwakgirl @ 01/12/2010 07:52  

Nothing out west either

   Update Reply
wheelbarrow @ 01/12/2010 08:19  

we have over 15" of snow here :) Its causing major mayhem... Boss in his new mercedes cannot get off his drive to get to work... me and my wee clio made it ......

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Deleted Member @ 01/12/2010 09:57  

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