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Newbies Forum

New Members Say 'Hi' Here

New Members Say 'Hi' Here (555) - Forums [Biker Match] New Members Say 'Hi' Here (555) - Forums [Biker Match]
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New Members Say 'Hi' Here

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Welcome onboard all newbies. 😊👍🏻

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Lindsay @ 20/06/2021 09:52  

Well, we are here but we're a bit like needles in a haystack 😁. Hi!


Hi everyone! Another newbie here!
Where's all the single lady bikers? 😉😁...

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DiBrown @ 20/06/2021 15:26  

Hi! Kwak z1000 rider. Been riding for 30 odd years

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Dumpty @ 20/06/2021 19:45  

HI, from newbe

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tonyhu9 @ 22/06/2021 18:36  

Hi all just joined on here today I hope everyone is keeping safe just not to safe 😉 thought I would just pop in and say hi see what it’s all about ride safe people

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Chris 1982 @ 22/06/2021 19:22  

Hiya folks!!
Just moochin aboot an thought I would say hey 😊

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Yammieannie07 @ 22/06/2021 21:52  

Welcome to all new members keep an eye on the events calendar for all meets day rides and weekend camps. Looking forward to meeting you all at some point soon.

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JP @ 23/06/2021 05:14  

Hi all.
Dizzy from Boston at your service

   Update Reply
dazzybabie @ 03/07/2021 17:06  

Hi im new to this site

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Deleted Member @ 04/07/2021 17:47  

Hi, I'm looking to make new friends and maybe a new partner! My bike is a BMW F800R...Im short so limited to what I can ride Lol. Hope to meet up with some of you soon. Noticed a lot of blokes have put 'meditation' as a hobby! I can imagine turning up to a bike meet with 20 burly blokes sat in a circle, crossed legged and humming!!!! at least the bar que will be short :)

   Update Reply
djm1969 @ 07/07/2021 16:17  

Oh aye, they hum alright! 🤣

   Update Reply
Cupid Stunt @ 07/07/2021 21:21  

I think it just means they can't spell medication 😁

   Update Reply
Strom67 @ 08/07/2021 20:26  

Good Morning everyone , I am new here and live near Southend on sea in Essex , hows you all doing

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Richard71 @ 11/07/2021 08:37  

Hi, I'm new here, interested in getting to know people and going to events, I'm stuck in a wheelchair so I have to ride a trike

   Update Reply
Ironside @ 11/07/2021 10:10  

Welcome to all new members August bank holiday we are having a camp in barmouth then September is the south wales camp re visted

   Update Reply
JP @ 11/07/2021 11:22  

Hi Everyone joined yesterday, had my bike a while now, looking to make new friends have rides out and laughs.

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Gawjuss @ 11/07/2021 18:42  

Hi everyone - I'm new just joined today (not watching the football - must be the only person not lol!) - good wishes to you all, keep safe and keep on keeping on.

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BantamLad @ 11/07/2021 20:48  

Hi is it me or is the bike world quiet at the moment 🤔

   Update Reply
Mr Fly 1100 @ 12/07/2021 21:20  

Hi all yes another newbie lol hope everyone is Keeping it shiney side up and enjoying this weather

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Deleted Member @ 14/07/2021 21:23  

big hi and welcome to all the newbies, especially all the scottish wan's. get sorted and come out for some rides and meets

   Update Reply
dannyacer @ 14/07/2021 21:37  

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