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Newbies Forum

New Members Say 'Hi' Here

New Members Say 'Hi' Here (543) - Forums [Biker Match] New Members Say 'Hi' Here (543) - Forums [Biker Match]
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New Members Say 'Hi' Here

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Welcome to all the new members hope your all well. Not much happening still thanks to the biggest Chinese takeaway known to man. Still fingers crossed for next season all the regular camps meets rallys and days out will retund with a big bang and plenty of laughs along the way
Hope to see you all then

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JP @ 23/10/2020 12:27  

Hi you all..beautiful day for a ride today..x

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Deleted Member @ 25/10/2020 13:58  

Hello all,
I’m based in Surrey and follow Female Riders UK and Motorbike women on Facebook where I’ve met some lovely ladies. Would be nice to meet some chaps too.

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Tracylynnuk @ 25/10/2020 16:44  

Good evening all,
Have been a member on here for quite a while but have never really exploited the possibilities of what it has to offer. Im based near Weybridge, Surrey and have a passion for bikes..... having a rather large collection of them it keeps me busy, but would prefer to be out riding them a little more instead of in the shed.
So if theres any interested girls / ladies/ females (whats the politically correct term these days... ive lost track) that would like a ride out, single, group or otherwise then please let me know


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Duc888 @ 25/10/2020 22:49  

Hi New in here
I’m Lizzie from Bath. All new to me.
Be good to find some local people to ride out with .
Only got back into biking 4yrs ago but loving it 😊

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Lizzie77 @ 26/10/2020 14:38  

Hi all I'm new on here - [although I think I might have been a member about 10 years ago!] I live in Leeds and ride a matt black XJR1200 which I rebuilt myself after getting binned in a hit and run a few years ago - I used to do a lot of MAG and small club rallies and gigs before I became a dad and got a dog. I use my bike mainly for work but try and get out to Squires/Route59 or the Sun....

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Russ66 @ 27/10/2020 13:49  

Hi Sandi I'm a newbie on here, how's things?

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andrewaxllydiate @ 27/10/2020 19:18  

Welcome to all the new faces on bm hoping that next season will be the start of the events with all rides camps meets and rallys back up and running. Hope to see you all soon. Jp

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JP @ 28/10/2020 11:58  

Hello All, it's been a funny old year (2020), I really hope 2021 is better, I've been on BM a while now but never posted, I've now moved back to the Kent area, looking to get out and about meets etc. Dave

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ukBiker66 @ 29/10/2020 22:39  

Hello all , I’m Craig , live in deepest darkest Lancashire , I ride a bandit 1200 , done plants of rallies in my time , on the bike and playing in bands , toured around France and parts of Spain in my time , stumbled across this site just this past week so I’ve come to see what it’s all about

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Craigamadeus @ 01/11/2020 17:05  

Welcome to BM all newbies. Hope you all find whatever you are looking for. Stick your head into Chat, if you're lucky there maybe some of the crazy gang kicking around.

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Lindsay @ 01/11/2020 18:43  

Morning all, I'm located near Bedford. I ride on and off road so happy to meet up for either.

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DynamoTightstar @ 07/11/2020 08:00  

greetings from the North East of the UK here in Billingham, Cleveland where we are affectionately called Smog Monsters because of the smog that used to sit above the region thanks to all the chemical and steel works here but now all gone. I'm in the process of restoring a 1987 Yamaha Virago XV 5353 US import. I got it from my boss who |I do a bit of driving for so I look on it as a free bike. I work 3 days and he pays me for 2. I'm looking to have her back on the road for summer 2021 and restoring her in the front room which I have turned into my workshop LOL

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Smogmonster Dunc @ 07/11/2020 13:54  

Hi, first day on here, so thought I would just say hi for now.

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Beanie050 @ 07/11/2020 19:48  

Welcome all newbies. As you have probably noticed there's a strange kind of hush all over the world at the moment.

Get involved in the forums, stick your head on chat and get to know the inmates. We don't bite... Much! 🤭

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Lindsay @ 07/11/2020 22:02  

Hi all new member here. Im Andy 37 from Reading but living in Stalybridge these days.

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Razac1983 @ 08/11/2020 04:50  

Hi. Only 2nd day on here,so still trying to find my way around,not even sure if this is the right place to say hello. Hope everyone is ok during this poor year. Lets hope 2021 is a better Yr and we make up for lost time. Dident realise just how many lady bikers are riding now. Hardly any when I started riding back in 76. So a special hello to you lady bikers.

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Beanie050 @ 08/11/2020 13:18  

Hi everyone im Andy a newbie from Suffolk i ride a Yamaha xv1100 Virago, she is in the bike hospital at the mo iv'e got to strip and rebuild the carbs so wish me luck lol

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andyxv1100 @ 12/11/2020 19:01  

Hi everyone. Complete newbie here. I live in Holmfirth so if you’re local-ish say hi back and good luck everyone in finding their pot of gold 👍🏼

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Deleted Member @ 14/11/2020 00:24  

Hello 🙋and a mahoosive B M welcome to all our newbies.

(If you enter the chat room please wear a virtual face covering, and a lovely virtual white jacket with buckles on, both in the virtual cupboard behind the virtual door, we're getting low on them, must ask Matt to order some more, oh yes and please don't eat the virtual crayons.) 🤣

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 16/11/2020 06:49  

 Posts: 11,056       Pages: 543/553

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