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Newbies Forum

New Members Say 'Hi' Here

New Members Say 'Hi' Here (535) - Forums [Biker Match] New Members Say 'Hi' Here (535) - Forums [Biker Match]
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New Members Say 'Hi' Here

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Hello people I am very new to this so bear with me as I try to navigate around this thing xx

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Deleted Member @ 24/06/2020 19:10  

Hi all newbies
There's a couple of BM events that hopefully will go ahead this year still

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Ragnar @ 24/06/2020 19:52  

Good evening folks from Plymouth in Devon, I'm fairly new here, not a rider but a very happy pillion! Love rock....

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Ellie H @ 25/06/2020 00:11  

new girl

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kateykittin52 @ 25/06/2020 06:01  

Hey everyone, nikki here from Ayrshire in Scotland. I’m 32 and ride an s1000rr
It would Be nice to meet up on ride outs. Come say hi

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Nikkis1k @ 25/06/2020 08:10  

Hey everyone! New member here so come and say hi, looking to meet some new fellow bikers :)

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Deleted Member @ 25/06/2020 23:12  

Forgot to say Hi when I joined a few months ago... So HI to all . Really I shouldn't be on here, I should sitting out in the sun pretending to work on the Trumpet..

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TridentStevy1 @ 26/06/2020 16:47  

Hey, fellow noob here. On a lil 125 till lockdown lets me unlock those sweet looking 650s!
Based in South Oxfordshire and London

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Nomadventurer @ 28/06/2020 11:15  

Newbie here just saying “hi”

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JonnyGonzo @ 29/06/2020 19:41  

Hiya, Chris from Rotherham area, pleased to sort of meet you all 😊

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Deleted Member @ 29/06/2020 21:54  

Hellooo 👋 and a huge welcome to all new BMers, hope you enjoy your time here with us, and at BM gatherings.

When the country gets to the end of the corona virus road block, maybe we'll all get to meet each other.
Stay safe 🙂

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Sandi @ 01/07/2020 09:41  

Evening all , From a newbee ,
i'm back on a bike for the first time in 20 years , after being a single Dad to two daughters , for 20 years ,
I have a Harley 1200 ,and a couple of Kawasaki's ,
hope to meet some of you soon .

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NorfolkNgood @ 01/07/2020 20:35  

Welcome to BM all newbies. Hope you are all finding your way around the forum n threads. Why not try Chat, if ya lucky there maybe someone loitering behind the curtains 😉👍🏻

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Lindsay @ 01/07/2020 20:46  

Just joined BM. Live just outside of London and currently riding a Versys X 300. Previously had a Versys 650 (which was stolen in May - bike thieves don't take a break because of a global crisis) and a Ninja that I'd had since new, but sold a couple of weeks ago. Always interested in meeting new people.

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Deleted Member @ 02/07/2020 13:36 new on here

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Deleted Member @ 02/07/2020 23:44  

Does this one actually work ? i'.m a newbee and said hello the other day , nothing came up though . lets see what happens this time .

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NorfolkNgood @ 03/07/2020 16:43  

Hello Norfolk, from Suffolk

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Tezza1958 @ 03/07/2020 18:30  

Yep, NNG it works, saw both your posts.
Try refreshing the page, or logging out and back in again, could be you were a tad quick for it and it hadn't loaded, or are you an impatient 😈? Lol


Does this one actually work ? i'.m a newbee and said hello the other day , nothing came up though . lets see what happens this time ....

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Sandi @ 03/07/2020 19:08  

Hiya newbie in Scotland . How's everyone coping with the situation x

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Planet x @ 03/07/2020 21:00  

Hi guys, Just thought I'd say hi, only joined last week so new to the whole thing, NOT BIKING the match thingy 😂😂

   Update Reply
Sharkbite34 @ 04/07/2020 15:39  

 Posts: 10,745       Pages: 535/538

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