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I've Been !!

I've Been !!   - Forums [Biker Match] I've Been !!   - Forums [Biker Match]
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I've Been !!

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Wooo hooooooo finallly got my bike out and had a pootle out, thanks to my fellow tyke Nina! What a star!! I cant write essays like Stella, but well.. long story short.. Nina let me go wherever i felt comfortable.. so off i went up my street, turn left along main(ish) road and onto a bit of waste tarmac, where i had a pootle about for a bit, tryin to avoid huge pot holes and glass ! lol Then back out again, round a couple of estates..and back along the main(ish) road.. a bit further along.. round some more back streets, and home. Was brill, I'm a bit rusty on the gears and need a bit of throttle/clutch/gears retrain but I don't think i did tooooo bad. The hardest bit was gettin it back in my the pitch dark, tryin to manouvre it round a 90 deg corner thats only half as long as the bike! Then try as i mite, i cuddent get it on the centre stand (by this time I was shattered ..even tried lifting the back end to swing it round the corner, at one point, then realised just how heavy my 'little' bike is) hes leanin ont side stand, nicely padlocked..etc.. and covered up nice n snug in my bargain Lidl cover Thanks agen mate.. you are a star, and you've even offered to come out wiv me agen tomorrow, so i guess i dint scare u then ! lol * stil grinning like a Cheshire Cat* hehe ** NOT ready to ride to Harrogate on Sunday tho.. need more practice **

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Karey @ 19/03/2009 21:29  

FFS! Nice one girlie! Keep up the good work

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Wannabe @ 19/03/2009 21:37  

well done Karey, you will get there and best to do it at your own pace, maybe some of us are gonna have to have a tootle over to barnsley and take you out to play!

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julie j @ 19/03/2009 21:44  

Thats wicked Kaz, well done you 1 day at a time chuck, you'll get the hang of it. The more you do it the easier it gets, was a time you couldn't walk! Once again, well done I knew you could do it Em

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Emzed @ 19/03/2009 21:44  

Kaz I'll put the kettle on if you manage to get to Huddersfield. It's a nice ride out from Barnsley. I used to ride via Staincross Common, going thro Midgley, Flockton and Grange Moor a couple of times a week.

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Sandi @ 19/03/2009 22:26  

Oh and by the way, well done nina!! your a Keep her at it (you know what I mean) Em

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Emzed @ 19/03/2009 22:32  

nice one Kaz..u go for it hun..and no a bad attempt at a first essay either hehehe

   Update Reply
meza95 @ 19/03/2009 22:56  

FFS! Nice one girlie! Keep up the good work Cheers Lou! You will be next!! the FFS crew all for one for all ! Hey Julie, the more the merrier, u never know.. i mite even make it on the Girls ride out! this space ;o) Cheers Em! Yehh im just gonna tek it at my pace.. its great to know ive got so much support on here, and not just me, anyone that needs it, gets support.. the BM crew are brilliant!!! AJ...that sounds like a good idea.. i kno most of that route.. will let u know when im ready ! :o) Thanks to u lot for the're ace!! :o)))

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Karey @ 19/03/2009 22:58  

Hey I'm just hoping to keep the roof over my head for the time being! All hopes of 2-wheels are shelved for the foreseeable...

I've basically been existing on minus £400 a month for 3 months (& that's just bills/mortgage etc) and I can't keep up the juggling act much longer! It's all going to go horribly wrong very soon...

But hey... I've pulled a rabbit out of the hat before

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Wannabe @ 19/03/2009 23:18  

WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO YAAAAAYYYYYYY WE'RE GETTING THERE GAL!!!!!!!! One day we WILL get out on those buggerin' roads together!!!!!!!!! PS- MAtt - can we have a clappy smiley please???

   Update Reply
Holmfirthgirl @ 19/03/2009 23:41  

Oh gawd that's all we need - folk giving each other the clap!

   Update Reply
Wannabe @ 19/03/2009 23:47  

Well done Kaz, by the end of the summer there will be no stopping you.

   Update Reply
Scary @ 20/03/2009 07:40  

Well done! Am dead proud of you. When are we going shopping for a blade????

   Update Reply
darkcarnival @ 20/03/2009 07:43  

Well done Karey...chuffed to bits for ya

   Update Reply
Silvi @ 20/03/2009 07:50  

yayyyy Stella, I will keep gettin out and about, a bit at a time! We will soon be pootling to Squires... well i mite when its really quiet, like 4am or something lol Cheers Scary and Silv, cant wait for the proper summer and a tootle out to the coast (oooh theres ambition!) lol Thanks Steph! Mite ride to ELL myself.... 2010 one !! lol hahah not quite ready for this year, i dont think. Hmmmm blades... mmmm.. oooh stoppit! i cant possibly think about a big bike just yet ! lol

   Update Reply
Karey @ 20/03/2009 09:42  

can we have a clappy smiley please??? I haven't had to knit a blonde wig in ages lol <<< has been on the emoticon page for ages

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 20/03/2009 09:45  

WOOHOO!!! Nice one Kaz, dead pleased to read this. You will achieve your ambition and beyond it and I can't wait to read the post about it!

   Update Reply
Roachy @ 20/03/2009 18:13  

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