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Hi I am new here just popping by to say hello and have a look around :)

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Deleted Member @ 08/06/2021 20:56  

Hello and welcome! How is Wales?

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ChrisA63 @ 08/06/2021 21:37  

Hello and welcome.

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Fozzy1964 @ 09/06/2021 09:53  

Thank you both. Today Wales is wet although I'm sure the plants appreciate a drop of rain and some light relief from all the gorgeous sunshine we have been having. How is Oxford Chris?

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Deleted Member @ 09/06/2021 19:27  

Hello Rosie! Welcome on board

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Deleted Member @ 09/06/2021 22:43  

Thankyou Zedster and hello to you :)

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Deleted Member @ 10/06/2021 21:22  

Shame you missed the south wales camp last weekend. Not to worry more stuff on the calendar to joint us at

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JP @ 11/06/2021 10:49  

Hi 😁. Welcome, I’m new here too. Everyone is really friendly

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Meggie1 @ 11/06/2021 14:23  

Welcome to Meggie too.
It's been scorching in East Yorkshire today and a good weekend forecast 😊🌞

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Fozzy1964 @ 11/06/2021 16:54  

Aww Thanks guys and hiya Meggie yes so far they seem to be :)) shame about the camping especially with the weather we were having last weekend!! But as you say plenty more to come hey. I am still slowly finding my way around but was wondering if there is any other way to chat than using inbox or here is there a chat box or something?

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Deleted Member @ 11/06/2021 20:26  

There is a chat room, there should be a chat button on the right on every page

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TheSlasher @ 11/06/2021 20:46  

It's the grey button somewhere just about here>>>> it's says CHAT

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 11/06/2021 22:07  

Hi Rosie, just down the road from you

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VJ73 @ 12/06/2021 10:08  

Hi all newbies welcome to BM, with things beginning to open up again soon so hopefully we'll see you around

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 12/06/2021 19:54  

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