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Where do i find these nods ??

Where do i find these nods ?? - Forums [Biker Match] Where do i find these nods ?? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Where do i find these nods ??

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Hi all .
i'm new to the site and apparently have some Nods .
so where do i find them ?
And yes before you ask, i hate technology
cheers .
Adie .

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NorfolkNgood @ 05/07/2020 12:18  

When you are looking at a profile you will find a row of tabs along the top of the first page of it. One of those will say nod.

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Double six @ 05/07/2020 13:20  

And if you go in your inbox for your private messages there is a nod button where you can see who's nodded you

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TheSlasher @ 05/07/2020 14:06  

And if you still can't find them it's because we get scammers on here who nod at lots of people but them get removed from the site

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Bikeabill @ 05/07/2020 14:41  

Hi Norfolk

D6 is saying how to sent a nod and I don't know what site Lynn's looking at. 😕
But if you go to the menu at the top left of the page, you will get a drop down bar. Open up News Feed and you'll see the Nods there.

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Ragnar @ 05/07/2020 14:42  

Cheers guys , ask me to panel beat a wing for a 1930's bentley i'm fine . or rebuild an engine . i'm not really into computers . but i will get the hang of the site eventually .

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NorfolkNgood @ 05/07/2020 19:05  

Hi Nororfolk adie..I'm with you on the tech front..metal I understand..took me an age to get my head around how the site works..but preserve it can be amusing..😌

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Kawasakitrev1 @ 06/07/2020 09:08  

Lol..persevere ..preserving is upto you..🤣🤣🤣

   Update Reply
Kawasakitrev1 @ 06/07/2020 09:10  

Cheers Trev , i knew what you meant lol , understanding metal is far easier than trying to understand a woman .

   Update Reply
NorfolkNgood @ 06/07/2020 14:29  

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