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Just for a chat

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Just for a chat

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thanks Lindsay, ha ha chosen one ! they must have looked at me and thought "he's a mug ,we'll try him" LOL. Thanks for the tip, i think i will.

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classicdavid @ 30/03/2019 19:22  

Hi guys, not so new here. Did anyone go to the Manchester bike show? Not much feed back from it..

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Gezza @ 30/03/2019 21:04  

Morning everyone.. Im new to the biking world and looking to meet a bunch of like minded people..
Everyone has been so welcoming so far.

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Trixi @ 31/03/2019 07:46  

Yes I whent to the show. £18 entrance over priced by a long way I thought.. I was a little disappointed with it, i have been a few times and I think this was the worst one, no where near as many traders and their prices were high. No Honda stand, all the other major manufacturers were there.
Doubt I will be going next year.


Hi guys, not so new here. Did anyone go to the Manchester bike show? Not much feed back from it..

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Glen0561 @ 31/03/2019 08:18  

I went to the show last Saturday, with some friends all passed or current BM members, wasn't all that impressed to, first time been promising to go since it started,
Best bit was having a couple of coffees and listening to the blues performer. Parking and facilities not bad thou.

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glyn62 @ 31/03/2019 10:08  

My first and probably last. Nec is much better.

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Gezza @ 31/03/2019 22:19  

Don't know if I'm I. The right forum but hi everyone

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Hillie @ 01/04/2019 21:26  

Hi, you can make it the right forum it is chat after all, welcome and enjoy.
You will get the hang of it only took me 2.5 years. 😂

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glyn62 @ 01/04/2019 21:39  

I went to the Manchester bike show. Wasn't much to right home about but it was a show never the less. Hi guys hope we're all riding safe

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Deleted Member @ 02/04/2019 09:42  

First day here, think i might like this place !

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CaptnRon @ 18/05/2019 14:36  

Hi everyone new on here live near Solihull hope your all having a great day

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Wendyj @ 24/05/2019 16:53  

Hi peeps! Hello to you all. Does anyone live south of Watford? Lol seems we're a bit thin on the ground down south!

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Kwakkwakoops @ 24/05/2019 17:20  

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