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883 ultra low vs triumph t100

883 ultra low vs triumph t100 - Forums [Biker Match] 883 ultra low vs triumph t100 - Forums [Biker Match]
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883 ultra low vs triumph t100

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my partner is in a quandry .
she is short in stature and needs a little help from fellow members as to which way to choose her new ride the two choices she has chosen are 1 triumph Bonneville T100 and 2 Harley Davidson 883 ultra low sportster.

any helpful suggestions and views on these bikes would be gratefully received

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Grumpy of the Seven @ 23/09/2018 13:52  

My favourite bike I ever had was the 883 superlow......

The weight is at the bottom so it never feels like you'll drop it even when you are stationery and sort of lean it over to the side.... If you get me

The bike is very easy to manoeuvre due to them making front forks slightly longer and wheel size helps too (all things harley have done on purpose with this model)

I had mind stage one and new pipes etc and the difference to the engine was awesome..... None if my mates would say I was slow..... Matter of fact I was.... Off.... 😁😁 truly love tgst bike

When I first test rode one, I was used to my bandit and so on the test ride I was going flat out in each gear and I kept flatlining the engine (it was a new bike tgat hadn't been ride in engine yet).... Anyway I couldn't believe how easy it was to ride but I also worried I might get bored...... But I bought one..... And boy after breaking in engine and stage one it was just awesome..... The low down power and feeling you are totally in touch with the earth beneath you is just a part of what harleys are like

I also realised tgst on my bandit all I did was see how fast I coukd do the next corner..... On my harleyy I enjoyed every single but of the journey

Anyhow hope that helps...... 🤣🤣

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xSuzix @ 23/09/2018 14:09  

cheers XSuzix , the other half read your reply it was very helpful. It was good to hear from someone that's actually owned an 883

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Grumpy of the Seven @ 23/09/2018 15:10  

No problemo Speedoman. Sure yoyr partner will love whichever she goes for and hopefully someone will add info on the trumpy fir you too.

Any other questions feel free to ask 😀

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xSuzix @ 23/09/2018 17:46  

If your partner has shortish legs, the Bonnie is higher than the 883, has she actually sat in either? The 883 is quicker than the Bonnie, I find it harder work above 80m/h. I would do a test ride on both and then decide

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Lynn1584 @ 23/09/2018 19:28  

Yes had a sit on both bikes . She loves the Bonnie but is up on the balls of her feet when stationary with her feet down . The 883 both feet are flat on the floor and she has more control . Its going to come down to whether the heart wins out over the head I think .
Both bikes are very tasty . Personnally I would go with feet down but its not my choice

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Grumpy of the Seven @ 24/09/2018 14:05  

Again I would suggest a test ride

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Lynn1584 @ 24/09/2018 14:50  

I would agree with you Lynn but she's having a crisis of confidence at present . So this bike will hopefully be a confidence booster and get her back up in the saddle as she can ride and enjoys it when she does.

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Grumpy of the Seven @ 25/09/2018 11:45  

The Street Twin is essentially the same bike, but a lower seat I think.
Being at full stretch won't do her confidence any good I suspect.

Had a 1200 Sporty and a T120 Bonny, the Bonny's a far better bike in every respect TBH and sooo easy to ride IF she fits physically!

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invalid characters @ 25/09/2018 12:41  

What has she ridden in the past?

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Lynn1584 @ 25/09/2018 16:23  

she sold her much loved 600 hornet on sunday even after fitting a lowering kit . It wasn't enough to get her back in the saddle still a little too tall.

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Grumpy of the Seven @ 25/09/2018 18:45  

What has caused the lack in confidence. The hornet is a fun easy bike to ride and a lot different to the bikes mentioned. So what's her issue confidence wise.

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will70 @ 25/09/2018 19:32  

I had same problem with a hornet and I had a bandit which was a bag of nails after tgst!!! And gas a cbr 400 before my hornet.....

The most confidence inspiring and easy and completely reliable bike I had was the 883 superlow..... Awesome bike and very confidence building........ I certainly never once had any problems and I had mine about 5 years........ I rode her all winter in all conditions..... Sprayed all over with acf50 and when I washed it off in Spring the bike was shiny pristine underneath...... I usually looked like I'd been green laning on her......... Defo not a fair weather rider... 😂. But genuinely thisbike could build confidence back...... I think test ride one and be pleasantly suprised....

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xSuzix @ 26/09/2018 15:01  

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