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I fancy having rabbit stew for dinner tonight.

Could anyone tell me if it's cheaper from a butcher's or a pet shop?

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Deleted Member @ 20/03/2018 13:40  

Butchers, pet shop prices are extortionate plus the butcher would most probably skin and prepare it for you whereas the pet shop owner would likely skin you instead.

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yarg @ 20/03/2018 15:13  


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Deleted Member @ 20/03/2018 17:11  

Give it a few weeks and the roads will be coated with the sodding things up here :-)

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Steve_H @ 20/03/2018 20:57  


There's nothing like a roadkill barbecue.

Reminds me of when a mate hit a pheasant at 120mph, it exploded all over him. It hit him on the shoulder and he was covered in blood, guts, and feathers. He looked like something out of a horror film.

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Deleted Member @ 21/03/2018 11:35  

From last month's newspapers:
That was probably 60-and-a-bit mph though.

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Eiron @ 21/03/2018 13:59  

Poor bugger, that impact on the head would have been devastating.

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Deleted Member @ 21/03/2018 14:07  

What a horrible thread ☹️

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xSuzix @ 21/03/2018 19:14  

Block me then, problem solved.

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Deleted Member @ 22/03/2018 02:01  

Never tried Rabbit, well not to my knowledge anyway, I'm sure over the years I have had it a time or two in the odd dodgy Indian takeaway lol
Prefer a big fat Rib-Eye steak any day x

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Deleted Member @ 23/03/2018 08:41  

I was joking about the rabbit, I nicked the post from the Viz page on Facebook :D

I don't even like rabbit. Like you, I prefer steak. Actually it's my favourite meat.

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Deleted Member @ 23/03/2018 15:09  

Might have known it was from Viz haha 😁

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Deleted Member @ 23/03/2018 16:49  

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