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Technical Motorbike Help

Tyre wear on Tiger 800 XRx

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Tyre wear on Tiger 800 XRx

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Why is it that the 'chicken strip' on my rear tyre makes it look like I do not go round corners, yet on my front tyre there is no 'chicken strip' at all? I have been used to it being the other way round, has Triumph under tyre'd the front??
SimonF59 @ 24/08/2016 07:37  

differnt tyre profiles and diameters.

riding style can also have an impact for example of you drive the front end in hard and heavey and brake deep into the corner as its banked over you will see the sort of marking your describing.

jimcana and london courier bikes sometimes exibit this.
Stuie. @ 31/08/2016 21:36  

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