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Fault with search

Fault with search - Forums [Biker Match] Fault with search - Forums [Biker Match]
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Fault with search

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rubbish dont like it ... go back to how it was
rusty chain @ 17/12/2015 16:20  

what a load of shit I wont be using it.....
refund @ 17/12/2015 19:28  

Thanks for the reply Matt. I prefer the old way of searching.
Sandi @ 18/12/2015 09:12  

When I was looking yesterday, whether you hit Top 20 guys or Top 20 gals - you always got the gals; today both give you the guys!

izzyhill @ 18/12/2015 10:35  

In the interests of improving the site I'd like to see slightly more constructive comments than some of the above - exactly what is wrong with it that you don't like? What bugs have you found?

If you had an issue with your car or bike and were taking it to a garage to get fixed you could hardly expect them to fix it if all you were willing to say is "it's shit" - same applies here.

MrMike @ 18/12/2015 13:52  

Said on 16th I thought all was good n don't understand the seeming resistance to change in some quarters. I think it's neat n clear n straightforward n thank you Matt for streamlining it. It all works fine on both mah mobi and on mah pooter n hope other peeps' probs with it have been ironed out now. Thank you Matt et al. :)
Catkins @ 18/12/2015 16:31  

I'm still getting a hang-up on my searches, on two different computers and using both Chrome and Explorer.

While Matt seems to have sorted it so that once you've made a search and gone back to it you don't lose the parameters you'd set, it seems that all searches are now saved according to the first one you clicked on.
e.g. you click on newest members - that's what you get, you then go back and click on online members, and you get them sorted by newest. If you then click on Top 20 (say girls) you get the most popular but only who's currently online, should you the try Top 20 guys the search doesn't change at all and if you go back to search newest or online you'll only get the girls - you have to change your search filters for all the 'set' searches - but at least your personal searches will stay there until you change them!

izzyhill @ 21/12/2015 14:33  

 Posts: 27       Pages: 2/2

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