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Satnav TomTom Rider2 or Garmin 550

Satnav TomTom Rider2 or Garmin 550 (2) - Forums [Biker Match] Satnav TomTom Rider2 or Garmin 550 (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Satnav TomTom Rider2 or Garmin 550

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ah but the zumo goes from A to C, VIA B!

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Matt @ 04/06/2008 12:42  

A couple of points. The Zumo does come with everything in the box to mount it to the bike. Would be a bit daft as its a bike unit not to. The garmin comes with the pc mapping software so you can make up routes and download the to the device. I think you get more for yer money with the garmin. And the names not quite as stupid.

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bluesbiker @ 04/06/2008 16:14  

In the beginning ( sort of ) Garmin made loads of different GPS devices but to get them on your bike was a right pain. What GPS was water proof, what cradle for what GPS, several for each GPS model, powered non powered, non Garmin brand cradles, what power leads for what model, does the cradle come with a speaker, earphone socket will it need an adapter to work with X brand bike intercom system so i can hear it in my helmet, what mount for the bike basically Ram Mount only or DIY, the list went on and on. So when TT brought out their Rider, fantastic! the first on the bike GPS with everything in the box. what a breath of fresh air no trying to get stuff from the States or expensive GPS sites for bikes, you could even get it at Halfords or in my case Amazon. So one thing the TT Rider did was shake up Garmin to bring out their own version the Zumo with every thing in the box.

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Suzuki_bob @ 09/06/2008 16:25  

To put a small fly in the ointment (I quite like my RAC sat nav) Route 66 software cheap as chips (ok no bluetooth but a pair of Phillips Bud type Headphones sorted that and the map pocket on my tank bag sorted mount and water proofing in 1) Cheap as chips and now I'm looking at a helmet with has an incredible 400 meter range so you can talk to other riders in a group too, in I'll be looking at bluetooth enabled sat nav as my up grade!

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Hull750Rider @ 09/06/2008 16:37  

Quick Lock do a GPS mount for their tank bag system. You buy a bike specific mounting ring for your bike, it screws onto filler cap holes via its own screw holes. Now this thing can also be powered off your battery as well better so remember to disconnect battery first. So you latch on their tank bag onto their mounting ring with no way off it coming off, they do several different sizes, plus just a map mount also they do a bracket thing which as far as i know takes a large Garmin GPS. 1 thing about blue tooth is as far as i know you can only communicate with 1 thing at a time not every one all at the same time if your happy with 1 to 1 it's great but blue tooth 2 might change all that, the way round is to have a walky talky plugged in and use that to talk to everyone at once. When i got my Nolan 102 a while back i was led to believe that you could use the GPS then use the phone then talk to a buddy or pillion mind you i was trying to read a Italian web page as it was so new at the time, but i see on the updated instructions now in English on the web that it will not quite do that the TT rider is not happy or some such thing when you use a mobile or is that the helmet is not happy, it wont automatically go back again.

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Suzuki_bob @ 11/06/2008 14:33  

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