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NEW: Javascript now mandatory

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NEW: Javascript now mandatory

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For those of you using old browsers or who have locked down your browser for "security" reasons.... disabling Javascript will now cause BikerMatch to throw up an error for you (with a link to a website which guides you through re-enabling Javascript).

Javascript is enabled on browsers by default. 99% of people browsing BM have it enabled. It is absolutely fundamental to modern-day web design techniques and BikerMatch makes full use of it.

There's no need to disable it in your browser through misguided security "tips" from someone. Try using Facebook for example without Javascript and you'll find it doesn't work.

We cannot make exceptions for the 1% of people who disable Javascript and will not make an inferior website for these stone-age people.

Enjoy all the new fancy functions and sections of the site popping up this year.
Matt @ 18/06/2015 13:31  

Mr Ken .....does this affect me lol
Brummie Jackie @ 18/06/2015 14:48  

If you can still use the site then no
Matt @ 18/06/2015 14:55  

Doh !!!!
Brummie Jackie @ 19/06/2015 09:34  

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