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Hi all

I thought this might be of interest to a few of you who like me use their bikes more than a little trip to local biker cafe in the sun

One also for the "Northern" bikers on their clogged roads

Just having a giggle but jokes aside I thought you'd all find some of the comments interesting. The main comments/view is to keep the speed down and if you can't see past a vehicle slow down or wait until you can

You won't win an argument from a hospital bed

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madscots @ 31/03/2015 11:53  

Thanks Madscots, good read.
I class myself as a slow filter rider as I prefer to be able to not get hit by eejits who have an inability to use mirrors or indicators (which happens several times during my daily 12 mile return commute to work). I always pull in and let those who wish to go faster get by.
I go past drivers who regularly :
a) on the phone; b) on their tablets; c) working on files;
d) shaving (only males so far);
e) putting make up on (only females so far);
f) fluffing hair with both hands whilst steering car with knees (both sexes)
g) combination of any of the above.
If I were to go any faster than I do, than I might not have time to stop safely and then its me that gets hurt not them!
Common sense dictates if you want to stay safe, alive and uninjured, in rush hour traffic ride defensively and sensibly.
Boring, yes, but better than seriously hurt or, worst case scenario, dead.
As for the bit of not getting into conflict with other road users...errrr....sometimes a sign to show how much of a w***** they have been just has to be done!
(not even going to start on pedestrians)

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rowanblossom @ 31/03/2015 12:52  

I read the article with interest and learned quite a lot from it. Thanks for posting @madscots

I'm a pillion on the back of someone who filters regularly. I admit that on the odd occasion I have been nervous but not by the rider's ability. It's the drivers (cars in the main) who, as @RB very clearly indicates above, are occupied by mobile phones (speaking and texting), tablets, satnavs, newspapers(!), and personal grooming regimes. Many of them don't even see motorcycles filtering until they pass, observation skills NIL! Where are the police patrol vehicles when you need them?

Strange as it may seem I never felt more safe filtering than last year when travelling through London. I was surprised to see the mentality of drivers in London are completely different to Northern (England) drivers. As soon as the London drivers were aware of a motorcycle travelling behind them they immediately repositioned their vehicle, in a safe manner, in order to allow the motorcycle to pass without a problem. This certainly doesn't happen in Leeds/Bradford/Sheffield areas, in fact the opposite, gaps are closed down, often in a dangerously quick, last minute fashion.

Perhaps I should move

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Lindsay @ 31/03/2015 13:11  

Being able to filter through heavy traffic is one of the great things about riding bikes (although I'd always prefer the open road!) drivers who think there being clever by closing up a gap you might use often show signs before you get there, I suppose its a sort of body language! I've got use to this and tend to know what there intentions are (especially when they want to move into your lane without indicating!) thats when you pass them on the other side usually its the drivers of BMW's Jags and other expensive cars who think they bought the road when they got the car!

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cyclemania @ 31/03/2015 14:40  

Three things that you need to ask yourself before you filter is
1) is it safe.
2) is it legal.
3) is it necessary.
If the answer is yes to all three you SHOULD be ok.
I've seen some riders over four feet to the right of the cars believing that they are safer in this position.
Now if the driver doesn't use their mirror, they're not going to see you, but if they do use their mirror the rider is now in the driver's blind spot.
So if you are going to filter make sure you are doing a speed that you can safely stop in.

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Ragnar @ 31/03/2015 15:22  

Mostly, drivers move over and let you through.
Occasionly, the odd arsehole deliberately blocks you.
Wait patiently, till u can get thru, and give his wing mirror a smack!

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 31/03/2015 20:16  

Sitting and waiting for the gap is the only thing to do if a cage closes the gap when your filtering.

Best position is so your headlamps are definatly in the cars mirrors. They soon get fed up with the dazzle and let you pass.

Even the special breed of idiot you get driving in Leeds. Which has to be the most dangerous place in the UK to filter. There must be something wrong with the instructors up here. Both car AND bike! And what I mean about that is the car drivers are not being tought about other road users when learning to drive. Teaching a bad attitude. And the bike instructors around here arnt teaching new riders how to and when to filter. As a result no one does it up here you just see bikers sitting in cues with the cars. So when a car driver sees a biker filtering he assumes it's illigal so deliberately try's to prevent them doing it. Come on guys learn how to filter and reclaim Leeds. London drivers have learnt to let you past (or loose there mirrors ;-) ) so they all can learn.

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Deleted Member @ 31/03/2015 20:37  

i thou it said flirting tips
till i stared to read it x

   Update Reply
kaycat @ 31/03/2015 21:59  

Same thing KC
Is it Safe ?
Is it Legal ?
Is it Necessary ?
If YES, GO for it !!!!!

   Update Reply
Murdoch3352 @ 31/03/2015 22:04  

hell ye murdoch never thou of it lie that xx

   Update Reply
kaycat @ 31/03/2015 22:08  

Kay I do loads of successful filtering flirting gets me no where

   Update Reply
bugsbunny @ 31/03/2015 22:50  

or bugs hugs xx

   Update Reply
kaycat @ 31/03/2015 23:01  

Ill take that thanks

   Update Reply
bugsbunny @ 31/03/2015 23:08  

@bugs.....maybe you're flirting too fast?

   Update Reply
rowanblossom @ 31/03/2015 23:38  

That's where I'm going wrong, cutting up the car drivers is the only place I get a satisfying reaction.

   Update Reply
bugsbunny @ 31/03/2015 23:53  

If your filtering past trucks just have a look in his/her mirror make sure you get eye contact we will move over if we can. Please dont try and filter between 2 truck there is never a time that its safe unless we have seen you and called you though.

   Update Reply
JP @ 01/04/2015 03:48  

can you flirt with the truckers ??

   Update Reply
kaycat @ 01/04/2015 16:02  

Kay if you ever filter past me just make sure your jacket is done up to the top or I may just fall out of the window

   Update Reply
JP @ 01/04/2015 19:07  

snigger xx

   Update Reply
kaycat @ 01/04/2015 20:23  

Yes K, otherwise he'd end up in hospital after having a stroke!

   Update Reply
double six @ 01/04/2015 20:26  

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