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y have a got adverts ?
kaycat @ 06/03/2015 12:12  

Glad it's not just me!
MrMike @ 06/03/2015 13:22  

nope, all over the place. a bit frustrating
rowanblossom @ 06/03/2015 13:38  

i thou it was just me lol
kaycat @ 06/03/2015 16:10  

The adds have always been there but you could block them before. Now when you try you get an error page come up that will not let you block them. May as well go on Facebook
JP @ 08/03/2015 18:56  

I am not experiencing issues with adverts, although when I go into chat, I have to re-initialise the cursor in the conversation box. I only had to do that when I went to check out another page or if I went onto google for some reason.

double six @ 08/03/2015 20:27  

Didn't have cursor trouble last night but have it tonight. Also the big font has reset to smaller font ?? No problem with adverts.
Deleted Member @ 08/03/2015 22:46  

adverts fixed, sorry i made a mistake last week and didn't realise. Next time please PM or email me.
Matt @ 10/03/2015 22:25  

 Posts: 8       Pages: 1/1

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