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Battery monitor

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Battery monitor

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Clearwater voltage sentry,havent tried it yet but it could save you a load of battery probs,getting 1 next week so if its no good i wiil put it on here

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ninjaflump @ 29/10/2014 16:10  

Aldi smart chargers, £13.99 this week. They include a digital voltmeter and can revive a completely flat battery.

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Eiron @ 30/10/2014 20:49  

Bought one from Aldi about 7 years ago for £12.99

It has "revived" several "lead acid" batteries* from the grave since then

It charges 6 & 12 volt batteries

No "digital voltmeter" on it though

Suppose technology has become cheaper since mine was made

I can highly recommend them

And they are way cheaper than the "Opti" brand

*leisure batteries when I lived "off grid"

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Emzed @ 30/10/2014 21:25  

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