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picc in post.

picc in post. - Forums [Biker Match] picc in post. - Forums [Biker Match]
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picc in post.

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I see that several BMers have the knowledge of posting a picture in their posts. 1, could someone instruct me in this black art.2, Is it only possible on a PC/ Mac or can you use a phone? (windows 8.1 phone) ta much .

dustin666 @ 24/09/2014 19:43  

quite simple really Dusty, simply right click and copy/paste.
double six @ 24/09/2014 20:04  

Hi D6, I'm a bit of a techno numpty . Can you add photo from your pc by a right click. Then go to a BM post you're writing and click to add it?
dustin666 @ 24/09/2014 21:58  

Not much of a geek either, the only way I found to do it was to import the pic to my profile pics, then use the right click and copy/paste technique. Pics that already exist on BM are simply copied and pasted as I did with yours. Trial and error is perhaps a good way to really understand, the worst you can do is post empty thread entries.
double six @ 24/09/2014 22:09  

@ D6 , ahh, I see. Add picc to profile then to post. Just on mi phone at the mo. I'll try tomoz

. Ta much x
dustin666 @ 24/09/2014 22:22  

Spot on. Thanks Double six
dustin666 @ 25/09/2014 13:05  

You're Welcome.
double six @ 25/09/2014 13:06  

Oops, no photo on post?
dustin666 @ 25/09/2014 13:08  

dustin666 @ 25/09/2014 13:10  

NO, but you obviously have the general idea, practice makes perfect.
double six @ 25/09/2014 13:10  

dustin666 @ 25/09/2014 13:13  

back to the drawing board lol
dustin666 @ 25/09/2014 13:15  

Post a link and let others decide, dustbin. It's that easy.
Deleted Member @ 26/09/2014 01:05  

Sorry Valery . I think you missed the point. I was wanting to know how to post a picture on a thread. No idea what you're talking about.
dustin666 @ 26/09/2014 20:00  

Dustin, it can depend on the format of the pic. If you first copy the pic into Facebook and then copy and paste to BM, Facebook has some magical way of reformatting it favourably.
Murdoch3352 @ 30/09/2014 22:14  

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