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Drivel posts and Karma 'hacking'

Drivel posts and Karma 'hacking' - Forums [Biker Match] Drivel posts and Karma 'hacking' - Forums [Biker Match]
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Drivel posts and Karma 'hacking'

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karna is that the bit just before you pass out drunk
havfun @ 06/11/2014 12:12  

does that mean that all of the trolls and wierdo's are gone too?? thought i'd pop my head in and see what i've missed...
mizzi @ 12/11/2014 18:37  

A few goblins have been given the elbow mizzi, weirdo's you will find everywhere and if anyone is troubled by trolls, they should keep evidence of such and report it to Matt to be dealt with.
double six @ 12/11/2014 22:49  

I like wirdos they make me feel much more at home !

Must say its nicer now the goblins have gawn
Stuie. @ 17/11/2014 07:44  

aye stuie there's wierdo's then there's proper wierdo's...

no idea who the goblins were but one fruitcake earmarked me... think he's gone now thank god...

one thing i dont want is my very own pet stalker wierdo fruitcake ta muchly
mizzi @ 25/11/2014 14:18  

halfwits, trolls, wierdo,s, goblins, fruitcakes and evean petstalkers, never new the site was so popular, wonder which group i fit into, this could be a all new forum topic in it's self!!!
Bikeabill @ 26/11/2014 02:21  

I am getting hacked off with people starting new threads and then using that thread to cut and paste endless excerpts from various sources. As far as I am concerned it is just another way of boosting karma ratings. If someone has a valid opinion on a topic, by all means have your say, but just rehashing what someone else said in legitimate publications, is little short of plagiarism. Simply accompanying posts with short paragraphs of personal experience, wether joyous or tragic, is no justification.
double six @ 26/11/2014 15:57  

I know who u mean D6, and so do anybody with a brain.
No doubt he will f off in time.
XKLYBR @ 26/11/2014 20:32  

What i cant understand is how come people you NEVER see in chat or on forums (both new n old members) can have such high Karma? It just doesnt make sense, if what Matt says is true that its an indication of trustworthy long standing individual members then something is very wrong with his formula for working it all out.
As said many times before ... Time to bin Karma off as its less than useless and is in fact not a true evaluation of a member's trustworthiness or the fact that they are long standing members.

Since the initial purge of Members there are several more that are so obviously doing exactly the same as those affected by the purge. Nothing has changed, other than the photos. Some of which are dubious to say the least.
Lindsay @ 26/11/2014 22:18  

It has been noted linz and commented on before, but without concrete proof nothing can be done about "those" members.
double six @ 26/11/2014 22:27  

Hmm, would think that the evidence is that they dont actually post in forums, or appear in chat, attend meets etc. Its amazing that the terminology of trustworthy long term members is used when there is evidence that in the main they arent long term members and the matter of trustworthiness cannot be evidenced one way or another.

I think Matt should actually rethink his terminology or his formulae.

Lindsay @ 26/11/2014 22:37  

Indeed, you wont get an argument from me on this.
double six @ 26/11/2014 22:45  

Oooh D6, i feel honoured, no fisticuffs at dawn! Yay! ...**chuckles**

I wonder whether anything will ever change though ....?
Lindsay @ 27/11/2014 07:27  

well having had my curiosity peaked at this line of the thread....

Girls - 5 regularly post on threads and chat and 5 who are on sometimes.

Guys - there are 9 out of the 20 who are regulars on the threads and in the chat room

Not sure how many of either group go to events so can't comment on that.

I do have to say I agree that the Popular/Karma thing, if it is supposed to be for knowing who is trustworthy, long standing, regular, well known on the site, it is missing the point!

for those who would say, well you can't be popular, I removed myself from the page, as it doesn't bother me where my karma is at.

rowanblossom @ 27/11/2014 09:16  

I have also removed myself from the popular guys page and have been for a long time. My post wasn't entirely about karma, it was to point out that plagiarism being used to such a large extent can only be for the purposes of boosting karma. The threads I refer to, are by the same member and obtain nothing more than a cursory number of replies, those numbers can be doubled because the postee makes further comments in reply to the replies! When the thread subsequently dies a death, because no-one has any interest in it, another thread appears with much the same format allbeit different subject matter. These also seem to be received in the same way.
double six @ 27/11/2014 09:29  

The question of how someone gets so much karma when they don't interact on the site has been asked by me a couple of times as far back as Feb 2013, I didn't get an answer then so I doubt you will get one now. All I got was people misunderstanding my question so I gave up asking in the end
ElizaDee @ 27/11/2014 23:08  

Lulu there as been discussions on here about karma since 2006 when the site was first set up, Mat likes it, it,s his site, so it wont go away, lots of people don't understand it and never will, the basic of it will comer up if they click on the karma bar under there picture, but it,s just a bit of fun after all so if they don't like it don't look at it.
Bikeabill @ 30/11/2014 11:19  

^^^^ yet again.... misunderstanding ... Im not the one discussing it currently Bill, I'm relating my PAST experience of people misunderstanding my question about the unfairness of it to others' comments regarding karma on is up to them if they wish(or not) to take note of my experience regarding what THEY are discussing now... so you would be wiser to address those people NOT me.
ElizaDee @ 30/11/2014 12:33  

sorry Lulu if i upset you it was meant as much for others as you, just trying to point out that people have been misunderstanding it for years now and will probable go on doing so for ever
Bikeabill @ 30/11/2014 16:02  

You haven't upset me Bill, not at all my dear and yes 'twill always be an enigma this karma.... as you say.....'don't look' x
ElizaDee @ 01/12/2014 00:47  

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