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Drivel posts and Karma 'hacking'

Drivel posts and Karma 'hacking' - Forums [Biker Match] Drivel posts and Karma 'hacking' - Forums [Biker Match]
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Drivel posts and Karma 'hacking'

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That "bumped" post was a long one, does that mean you'll get 10 X more karma? *snigger* ;)
Amanda @ 07/09/2014 22:09  

Amandas Im not bothered about Karma thats why I'm not on the list
JP @ 08/09/2014 21:30  

If 10 X Karma was awarded for contibutions to the "Jokes..." Forum, I may just consider becoming a Karma Comedian. (Apologies to Boy George.)
Deleted Member @ 14/09/2014 15:16  

Valencia, judging by the quality of your 'jokes' you would end up with negative karma within a week.
double six @ 14/09/2014 15:18  

Looks like someone's got out of the wrong side of Barmouth this morning.
Deleted Member @ 14/09/2014 15:24  

Val forget Boy George, I think that eeehhhh I just heard in the air means you owe a lot more people an apology for your jokes!!! Lol
Pennycoin @ 14/09/2014 15:39  

Then I humbly apologise. To everyone.
Deleted Member @ 14/09/2014 18:23  

Oh Val, have you always been easy?
Keeps the jokes coming, we love them really :)
Pennycoin @ 14/09/2014 19:32  

ok i am glad that the karma thing is kinda explained , just means i wont get much as i hate writing long posts as get my words messed up then have ppl thinkin i am being nasty

he has always been easy Penny
but we like him as he is
bikerfzr @ 16/09/2014 13:12  

FZR, you're right, it's I bit like texting people....they some how read things wrong. So much easier just to talk. So we've established 'Karma' must be how much you use the site by adding things to forums and how popular you are amongst the fellow users. FZR don't worry about people not getting you, We can all suffer a little misunderstanding at times, especially if we've never met up with the people we are in, with. Different humours x
Pennycoin @ 16/09/2014 17:53  

very true Penny hun
bikerfzr @ 16/09/2014 18:01  

Karma on here is a joke it needs binning
JP @ 23/09/2014 11:58  

Couldn't agree more. I believe it does more harm than good and is offputting to new members. Just get rid of it.
Cataraptor @ 23/09/2014 14:28  

Yeah...... bin it Matt
Deleted Member @ 13/10/2014 13:21  

Did you get extra Karma on your birthday 66
JP @ 20/10/2014 17:55  

My extra karma is still with the birthday cake, I have received neither.
double six @ 20/10/2014 18:06  

I've just come back on site after being a standard for over a week, so doing nothing, only to find my karma has gone UP 10 points!
purplebetty @ 20/10/2014 22:47  

The top bloke is a newbie. He hasn't posted, never been in chat, not attended any events. He has done nowt.

Yet lotsa lasses have checked his profile, giving him loadsa karma points.
Points are gained by the shedload for sending and receiving pm's.
That is why Matt is usually top dog.

XKLYBR @ 21/10/2014 12:37  

Reminds me of someone else who was on here a while back.
double six @ 21/10/2014 14:43  

i,v just rejoined and my Karma is right up there, means absulutly nothing but i still think it,s just a bit of fun, so if you dont like it dont look at it!!
Bikeabill @ 04/11/2014 07:33  

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