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General Chat/Anything Goes

A Bit Of Fun Guess The Song & The Artist

A Bit Of Fun Guess The Song & The Artist (4) - Forums [Biker Match] A Bit Of Fun Guess The Song & The Artist (4) - Forums [Biker Match]
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A Bit Of Fun Guess The Song & The Artist

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I am just toooo good.. The PS2 buzz master...LOL

   Update Reply
skins @ 30/09/2007 18:44  

yeah yeah whats the one i just posted up then? ohhhhhhhhh buzz master lol

   Update Reply
RC @ 30/09/2007 18:54  

Motley Crue - Smokin in the boys room am guessin here

   Update Reply
skins @ 30/09/2007 19:00  

Nice one BB . Lollipop in the post. It was Rock of ages.

   Update Reply
rattler @ 30/09/2007 19:02  

dam skins ur good grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol

   Update Reply
RC @ 30/09/2007 19:12  

ok buzz master try this

Now I know
I've seen that look
On your face before
When you realized
All the memories
Walked right out the door...

Now it's eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
No more hiding behind the truth
I'm gonna get exactly
What's coming to me

   Update Reply
RC @ 30/09/2007 19:16  

yes Pricilla, it's Rory Gallagher 'If I Had a Reason'

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 30/09/2007 19:29  

That's a nice quiet one RC

   Update Reply
rattler @ 30/09/2007 19:36  


   Update Reply
RC @ 30/09/2007 19:43  


   Update Reply
rattler @ 30/09/2007 20:08  

Ooops I forgot about this thread Cassie,it was Lazy Sunday Afternoon by the Small Faces.I'm stumped on your last one RC.

   Update Reply
oggy @ 01/10/2007 01:06  

keeps u all guessin then dont it

   Update Reply
RC @ 01/10/2007 05:20  

ok, try this one (a nice easy one) : To stand within the Pleasure DomeDecreed by Kubla KhanTo taste anew the fruits of lifeThe last immortal manTo find the sacred river AlphTo walk the caves of iceOh, I will dine on honeydewAnd drink the milk of Paradise

   Update Reply
Holmfirthgirl @ 01/10/2007 10:17  

Ahh HFG, That's Rush definitely lol. You got me on the actual song though, having a blonde flash-back moment lol

   Update Reply
Blueboy955i @ 01/10/2007 14:19  

Nobody gonna have a go at any of mine then?

or do ya give up?

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 01/10/2007 16:17  

There'll be a riot if nobody gets this

   Update Reply
rattler @ 01/10/2007 18:18  

That HFG would be xanadu and i think from farewell to kings. First rush song i heard on OGWT

   Update Reply
bluesbiker @ 01/10/2007 18:21  

u looked that up cheat lol

   Update Reply
Sexysmirnoff @ 01/10/2007 19:58  

Ahh BB995i - thought you would have got it straight away!!!!! & BB yep spot on - go on - you cheated right???

   Update Reply
Holmfirthgirl @ 02/10/2007 04:36  

Do you remember Decembers foggy freeze when the ice that clings onto your beard was screaming agony? And your ratling last breaths,with deepseadivers sounds And the flowers bloom like madness in the spring.

   Update Reply
actionman @ 02/10/2007 11:59  

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