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General Chat/Anything Goes

Squires - 14 May 2014 TONIGHT

Squires - 14 May 2014  TONIGHT - Forums [Biker Match] Squires - 14 May 2014  TONIGHT - Forums [Biker Match]
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Squires - 14 May 2014 TONIGHT

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Weather looks promising, might even be warm enough to sit outside without going blue n looking like a Smurf! I can be there around 6.30pm if anyone wants to join me.

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Lindsay @ 14/05/2014 07:52  

Sorry chick am working late tonight won't make it boooooooo!!!!!"

   Update Reply
zzrbabe42 @ 14/05/2014 10:11  

Aww nevermind, I guess I will find someone to abuse ... errr I mean amuse ... me!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 14/05/2014 13:43  

I'm coming x

   Update Reply
TAB007 @ 14/05/2014 14:40  

Cool see you soon.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 14/05/2014 17:47  

If only I lived a little closer Missed out on the company of two gorgeous ladies again

   Update Reply
Julestools @ 15/05/2014 23:13  

@julestools... Who else was there?! Lol. It would be great if to meet you at some stage, you strange, crazy bloke. Dont forget to bring your frock n your crocs with you!

In all honesty the place was heaving, great to see that a bit of sunshine brought people out.

Queue for drinks was long but i LOVE the new icecream/snacks window! Only thing i would say is make sure you order the right thing, errors are costly - should have paid 3 quid n ended up being 3.70 due to confusion twixt me n stu! Nice icecream though!
Having said that i did miss the lovely bloke in the icecream van.

Great to finally meet TAB and to see the usual suspects.

Also TAB, you are a braver woman than me, i would have stayed til everyone left so i didnt have to wriggle my way through that melee. You were parked in one of the most awkward of spaces to get out of, lol. Top job though, way to go gurl!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 16/05/2014 07:01  

   Update Reply
Julestools @ 16/05/2014 07:03  

I agree with gbnp, Tab, top job getting out and a good ride back too!!...

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 16/05/2014 12:08  

Awww thanks gbnp and kwackers, I can't tell you how fast my heart was beating when I was manoeuvring out - I so didn't want to play the helpless woman pink card and look a numpty!! But I wear L plates for a reason lol
Great to meet everyone too xx

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TAB007 @ 16/05/2014 16:26  

Was lovely to meet you Tab, and don't forget !! we were all once where you are at the mo " L Plates "

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 17/05/2014 19:37  

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