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Advanced Rider Training

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Advanced Rider Training

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Did enhanced rider training with Andy of DART, very good, shattering but very very good. Derbyshire area, Started at 8 am finished at 5 pm. Would highly recommend to anyone. 80 quid with an 80 quid subsidy from Derbyshire County Council. Shame no one trains car drivers up for a discount.

Andy Stoll<o:p></o:p>
Derbyshire Advanced Rider Training<o:p></o:p>
Tel: 01332 523189

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Phil s @ 18/10/2014 22:32  

I did my IAM Skills For Life after doing my BikeSafe with what was then Central Scotland Police. Best thing I ever did for the bike. I of course realise that the IAM isn't for everyone, and I also know there are a few right nob'heads in the IAM - just as there are in pretty much every walk of life.

That said, I know plenty of guys and girls in the IAM who are bloody amazing riders, and I've learnt a tonne of stuff from them, including doing track days and slow mo days - all with excellent instruction and help - I really can't fault them

Compared to riding schools that can charge a small fortune for advanced riding courses, the IAM Skills For Life is currently £139 - a fraction of some courses. I highly recommend it - and if you get an observer you just can't get on with, you can ask to be assigned a different one.

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Deleted Member @ 19/10/2014 15:45  

South yorkshire safer roads partnership are currently subsidizing
the skills for life programme so you can do the IAM course with test and books for £69.
The subsidy is being paid for out of the speed awareness fees from those caught speeding.

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Vladamir @ 21/10/2014 23:57  

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