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How many miles to the tank?

How many miles to the tank? - Forums [Biker Match] How many miles to the tank? - Forums [Biker Match]
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How many miles to the tank?

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Just wondering what people are getting from a tank of fuel? Are you Captain Sensible or rocket Ron? How good is your iron horse when you are giving it the beans on a ride?

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Deleted Member @ 05/05/2014 00:01  

15 pond get me 144 mile on the gsx

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kaycat @ 05/05/2014 00:13  

I get 160 to a tank £15 to fill it.doesn't matter much if I ride fast or sensible really lol

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zzrbabe42 @ 05/05/2014 00:27  

About 150 to reserve, and then a 50 mile countdown. But I don't trust it so usually fill up about then.
How much is irrelevant 'cos the cost of fuel varies so much.

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Steve_H @ 05/05/2014 07:08  

My GPz has a 19 litre tank, on a steady motorway/A-road run it`ll do around 190-200 miles at legal(ish) speeds before the fuel light is flashing on. Around town & thrashing around the lanes the light starts to flash after 150 miles. When I fill back up it`ll normally take about 14-15 litres.
For a 28 yr old air cooled 750 I`d say that`s pretty good compared to most modern stuff

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Wraith750 @ 05/05/2014 08:58  

Average about 180 miiles. Can get as low as 140 after caning it or over 200 in captain sensible mode. Glad I've got a fuel gauge and a low fuel warning which gives me about 30 miles to fill up.

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Richard T @ 05/05/2014 12:07  

£26.00 gets me 210 miles if stick to legal speeds but 170 if I'm a naughty boy which tbh I am most of the time ....

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Deleted Member @ 05/05/2014 17:36  

The Gaytona just drinks the stuff and needs filling every time I take it out.... I can get it down to 60 miles to reserve if i try.... That's Buxton and back for £20 (needs remapping) The Bonnie gets around 130 before reserve and just over 155 to dry and it only takes £16 to fill her up The Enfield never seems to need filling up

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Julestools @ 05/05/2014 18:12  

Coummting about 220 Miles Good long run without to much stop starting 250+ Miles

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FireStorm-X @ 05/05/2014 18:24  

18 litre tank does three weeks of commuting which is 14 miles per day five days per week. School holidays are better as less traffic so can make four weeks.

Last week, ride to Lymm service station then Matlock, back home and then a full five day commute and some juice still in tank.

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rowanblossom @ 05/05/2014 18:35  

370 miles to a tank. but costs me £45 to fill up.

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Vladamir @ 05/05/2014 18:44  

I did run out of petrol on the M11 last year after 180 miles (thanks again to BigRay for riding off to get me some more petrol), but a few weeks ago while on a run I topped up after 150 miles and only put 12 litres in, so still had another 12 litres in the tank. So doing the maths give me a 300 mile range, but with my fuel gauge not working I do like to fill up at 150 if I've only used the bike for going to work and 200 miles if on a run. I should really get the gauge working.

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Ragnar @ 05/05/2014 19:00  

Flipping 'eck Vlad, you running on diesel or maybe it's ethanol?

I brim my tank and regularly get 200 miles before starting to worry.
I expect that might fall when I get de-restricted and use a bit more on acceleration - shall be able to report on that very soon, yay!

Even though I'm assured there's still a good few litres left when I'm well down the red I've never put it to the test.

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izzyhill @ 05/05/2014 22:32  

Really does depend on pace with mine, had the reserve light come on at 95 miles from fill up, but riding in a group have had 175 miles, book says reserve is approx 15 miles but I've got 28 miles keeping it smooth and low revs before it ran out, plus get so much a lot more to the gallon using premium unleaded

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ExupRichR1 @ 05/05/2014 22:51  

My FJR does approx. 140 miles per tank. That is about 37 miles per gallon. Pretty crap really but I probably don't ride economically. Need to brush up on that :-)

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davidneale @ 05/05/2014 23:42  

My V-Max gives me around 120 miles from a 15 litre tank including reserve, giving me 35-36 miles per gallon, this is on a run, round town this drops to around or just below 30 miles per gallon. Bit of a gas guzzler. My Triumph 900 Sprint does just about 220 miles from a 25 litre tank again including reserve, giving me just about 40 miles per gallon, doesn't seem to vary much round town either.

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DAVE VM @ 06/05/2014 22:01  

My honda 700 gets about 70-80 miles to the gallon depending on how many pies I've eaten that week

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teenybash @ 06/05/2014 23:12  

It all depends on if my son has robbed my petrol

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JP @ 07/05/2014 06:45  

my trident 900 around 40-45 to gallon, easy or hard riding the Kawasaki 25ish... lucky to see 30 on a run. diet time me thinks......

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sfsv8 @ 08/05/2014 17:53  

in my case its nearer tanks per mile

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Deleted Member @ 08/05/2014 19:34  

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