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Technical Motorbike Help

Battery doesn't retain charge +1 other

Battery doesn't retain charge +1 other (2) - Forums [Biker Match] Battery doesn't retain charge +1 other (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Battery doesn't retain charge +1 other

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Not that simple Stuie if the bikes reg is is the original one it will have to apply to the new rules and that means they must be fitted to pass unless you can find a very easy going tester

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JP @ 08/03/2014 18:46  

i had a similar problem on my rosie strumpet.when we checked the genny it was fine but we took it to austins in malton and when they put it on there fandangle machine the problem was the generator was charging and then discharging and then charging and discharging and cos of that it blew the reg/rec.i had to replace both and now its absolutly fine and dandy it may put out right power at one point but then not at another test

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zzrbabe42 @ 11/03/2014 15:44  

sorry JP i thought it was an 86 bike. Must of always had some easy going MOT guys.....getting worried about putting the beemer thro now. Looks like it might be a trip to the south then

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Deleted Member @ 12/03/2014 00:03  

I think it only changed end of last year stuie

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JP @ 13/03/2014 06:48  

I could be wrong, but I was always under the impression that unless it was modified and had no capacity for indicators or mirrors, then if the bike was meant to have them, they had to be present for the MOT. This was told to me way back in the 80's, by my local MOT engineer.

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Deleted Member @ 13/03/2014 09:32  

They way I was taught it was that construction of use regs can not be retrospectively applied.

Back in 86 if it was fitted it has to work. If it had no switch or bulb holder it's not fitted so can be failed. I used to tape over switches and lenses and it was legal. Only requirement used to be 1 brake lamp speedo and horn.

New bikes how ever must compile. I think new lighting regs came into play from 2005. However I still don't think neutral light or stand lights are required. I think the only dash requirements are still speedo, and tell tell lights for main beam and indicators.

I do know quiet a few testers make it up as they go but on a bike of that age there realy shouldn't be that much to be tested.

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Deleted Member @ 13/03/2014 09:57  

read this <?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> if a mot man failed my bike for a neutral light that wasn't there he wouldn't be mot'ing right much longer

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Deleted Member @ 13/03/2014 10:16  

There's a bit more to it than that V-Rod that is just guide to the MOT not a full list of components to be tested but I have never known a neutral light to be part of a test

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JP @ 13/03/2014 17:36  

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Deleted Member @ 13/03/2014 20:39  

I quite agree with JP on this I've never known a tester who even "looked" for a neutral light And I've been taking bikes for MOT's for nearly 50 years IMHO ; If you can't find neutral without an "idiot light" you shouldn't be on the bike When I was instructing, I used to cover up the dash lamps & make my pupils find neutral without a light to look at Two reasons for this ploy : 1... To be able to find neutral even if the bulb has failed 2... Sometimes the switch can be out of adjustment and give a false indication Not knowing whether the bike is in neutral or not, is potentially extremely dangerous Particularly if stood for any length of time at road junctions or traffic lights Where it is always advisable to select neutral, to save unnecessary wear & tear on the clutch & undue strain on the clutch cable ( where one is used ) & operating mechanism I never had any complaints from my pupils about this, in fact the majority thanked me

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Emzed @ 13/03/2014 20:57  

LIGHTSOf the 20% failure rate on bike MOT tests, over half are for defective lights. Quite amazing since these are amongst the simplest items to check yourself before going to the test.The requirements are simple, and quite straightforward to replace or adjust, without the need of a mechanic.HEADLIGHTS & TAIL LIGHTS must be free of chips or cracks; the headlight must also work on main and dip beam, the main beam must shine directly ahead and the dip slightly lower and to the left.INDICATOR LIGHTS must all flash at a steady rate and the warning lights function properly.If a HAZARD WARNING SYSTEM is fitted, all 4 indicators must flash at a steady uniform rate.Bikes must have a red REFLECTOR on the rear of the machine, either bolted on separately or as part of the tail light lens. these are the instruction's to mot testers

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Deleted Member @ 13/03/2014 21:02  

Still no mention of a "neutral lamp" in there

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Emzed @ 13/03/2014 21:14  

that's my point mz

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Deleted Member @ 13/03/2014 21:31  

This is getting silly now we ALL agree there is no need for the idiot light

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JP @ 15/03/2014 09:47  

this is why i tell people not to post technical questions on here.

and why i stopped answering questions.

there always someone who knows better. and the original queston gets lost.

   Update Reply
bluesbiker @ 15/03/2014 10:03  

Good to know then, if it is brought up on the next one I mention this...

Back to start of the thread.... I cleaned and check all connections and earths and now if fine....

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johnnytb @ 18/03/2014 22:15  

That's good to hear Johnny I suspected from the begining, that it would be a "dodgy" connection or earth I hope you get some smiley miles now

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 18/03/2014 22:21  

Had some good days but the bloody broke and got shitty after everything got sorted Sod's law.....if you go out in the rain with the bike you get a wet arse with the tractor seat that's fitted on it lol

   Update Reply
johnnytb @ 22/03/2014 00:05  

Hahahaha sods law Johnny But at least it works now Which is all that really matters

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 22/03/2014 00:57  

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